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Friday, April 26, 2013
What's sydney w/o a good companion?


Meet cass in sydney for 3 times in 5 weeks!! Was called up to sydney for 2 times.. and the three times I went actually falls on her public holiday!! 1st was good friday, 2nd was Easter holiday, 3rd was Anzac day! hehe
YAY! I felt so blessed meeting her despite a challenge flight.

Went darling habour to have our dinner @ Hurricane grill. It was quite expensive for the portion but it was yummy!


Went to her school next day. The only beautiful school in sydney. lol



Pond outside her school where student will laze around on the grass patch. We followed and took pictures as well:)



This was my 3rd time coming to sydney! Had brunch with cass near my hotel. :)
A mini cafe out-of-nowhere had good reviews so we went to try! It's called Sur Bourke Espresso Bar. It serves only breakfast and lunch!



Had poached chicken sandwich with green tea while cass had ricotta+smoked salmon and eggs with chamomile tea!



Walked back to hotel and we found nice houses to take picture! hehe
This is one of them :)


I believe I have more sydney flights coming!
See you again dear. XX

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Monday, April 22, 2013
My recent beauty purchase.

My recent beauty hauls are either from Sephora or Korea but fret not, you can get them from Singapore as well!
I love to change my beauty routines by adding a bit of this & that because I can't always stick to the same beauty product for long. my skin will get immune to it :-( so I will try other skin products but I always look out for 'SENSITIVE/MILD SKIN ONLY'.
My favourite is Hada Labo hydrating lotion but it isn't moisturizing enough for me, so I use it on alternate days before I use any other product. I have this dry feeling right after applying hada labo (after flight) & I hate it soooo much.  It feels like my skin is tearing apart. :-(

1. IOPE Bio Essence intensive conditioning: 4.5/5
- I didn't buy this in regular bottle, but in a travel size (which I got it from Korea). IOPE is a local brand in Korea which has the same product standard like Laneige, as they are from the same company (Amore Pacific)  Singapore doesn't sell this but you can get from qoo10.sg!
I can see immediate results after one use. It is a watery type which looks like toner, but this is applied after toner. I just started using and I love it so much!
I applied Hadalabo as toner before putting this on half of my face. The one without this IOPE essence feels so dry !! and the other half feels comforted, the essence seemed to trap in and leaving it moist. I slap my other half with this IOPE bio essence immediately den I stared at my skin. Wow, it looks dewy and good. Probably this is the first time I am using this that is why I get this feeling.
This is the product that the salesperson told me that it is comparable with SK II Facial Treatment Essence, but only half of the price.

2. Laneige sleeping pack: 5/5
I bought laneige sleeping pack and the firming sleeping pack from Korea. I haven't try the firming one yet. This cost about about USD25, SGD30 in korea, I have no idea how much isit selling in Singapore.
This is moisturizing enough for me and it is good for all skin types. It has a strong scent but it is a very gentle watery-gel cream.
I applied a thin layer before bed, and I woke up with dewy skin. I guess it is keeping my face moist the entire night. I went to wash right away and what I like about this is, it keeps my skin moist and supple even after wash. Love this! If you want a radiant skin, I suggest you have to use it for about 1-2 weeks to get radiant/glowing skin. It's worth the wait!

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer: 4.5/5
- I don't use primer for the past 20 years and I am using it now because eyeshadow is my essential makeup tool for work. I have slightly oily lids and this works to keep my eyeshadow & eyeliner stay!
One of the best creations on earth. I love the packaging, it is sooo cute!
You can read the reviews on makeupalley! http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=53218/Eyeshadow-Primer-Potion---Original-(UDPP)/Urban-Decay/Eye-Primer

4. BareMinerals Blemish Therapy: 3.5/5
- I found this little amazing product in Sephora in States, under bare escentuals. It comes with a brush and they claim to conceal your blemishes but it didn't fully conceal mine. The powder is so fine. I have to use a concealer on top of this to conceal the redness completely. For me, It works in reducing the redness and covering light blemishes. I read that you can even use this before you sleep! It is a very light powder but it as a sulfur smell. Smell was bearable but the price isn't friendly. It is a tiny tub and it cost abt usd18. The size is probably a bit bigger than a Singapore 50cent coin.

More products to be reviewed!! :-)

* This is not a sponsored post, just a review from myself. 

Gaincity,at Expo, 4-5May!

Hitachi's HadaCRIE launching at Gain City! You can catch the various models of hitachi facial cleanser.
Do visit them on 4-5MAY, at EXPO hall 1!! :-)



Tuesday, April 16, 2013
San Francisco!

This is my 3rd time coming San Francisco and I am still loving it!!! ^^ Shopping on touch down day.
Didn't sleep throughout 24hrs...just to beat jetlag. We were all soooo tired!


Did my shopping at h&m and forever 21. Spent a bomb...............:\

Our shag face. lol


Next day, bought cablecar tickets to my favourite place! fisherman's wharf! I will try to visit fisherman's wharf whenever I am in SF! It's my 3rd time there too.. hehe
Weather was pretty chilly. 18 degrees. Regret not wearing more. :-(







Our boots. sticking out from the cablecar. We were stucked halfway and were told to get off...until the cablecar was repaired. It took 10mins? lol


Brunch at iHOP! One of the famous place in states.. first time trying. Yumyum
It's similar to dennys!





Biscoff sells the nicest biscuits! It's like caramel biscuits best dipped with coffee. I think singapore sells them...or maybe other brands..


I just love the view of pier 39.



I'm back to Left hand store again! hahaha



Headed to Golden gate bridge. ( 2nd time visiting )
It was soooooooo misty and cold! Lucky it's not my first time there else I will feel so disappointed n wasted :(



Took a few shoots and we decided to go back!



Cheesecake factory for dinner. :-) Beef burger with sauteed mushrooms + cheese are the best combination!


Beige lace blouse and floral pocket denim shorts from Forever 21! :-)
Bag from Zara.
Boots from Taiwan.

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Final hadacrie cool verdict!

My final review on HadaCRie cool!
I really love this little beauty tool that I've been using for this 3 weeks...You need a lot of discipline to use it everyday. I know we get lazy at times, especially when you reach home late at night and you just want to hit your bed to sleep. We need to take care of our skin!

This is the dirt shown on my cotton pad after 2 weeks plus of usage.
The visibility of the dirts are lesser each day. You can see improvement after a week!


My skin after using HadaCrie cool. I didn't use any bb cream/foundation/powder on my face.
Just my regular biore sunblock and blusher.



Now...do you want to win a Ion cleansing device for yourself? If you are skeptical with this device, just google for review and it wont go wrong!
Even bubzbeauty (from youtube) reviewed Hadacrie before! Although it's a different series, ion cleansing device still gives you a clean skin..^^
Well, Hitachi is giving away 2 products to 8 winners! It's so easy to win them! Just vote and you can be the lucky one! Everyone got an equal chance :-)


Say hello to your future new skin!


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Saturday, April 13, 2013
Adv: Joifeth

Today is a joyful Saturday and I shall share a blogshop with you guys!
It's been a while since I do blogshop advertorial. Miss those days :-)

Joifeth, http://joifeth.com/ is a new blogshop but has gotten a lot of hits since their first launch. They comes in exclusive designs that you won't find it common or easily on streets.
Assured with good quality, it's worth investing your money on those exquisite designs! I can vouch the quality! :)
I received two pieces from Joifeth, one is this Viana peplum top that comes in black or white. :-) I got the one in black!

The link for this peplum top: http://joifeth.com/product/viana-peplum-top/



Close up details of the pearls around the collar. They are sewn perfectly to the rim and doesn't falls off easily.


Model with the peplum top :-)


Next is the Ismena dress which carries out the 80s feeling with colorful petals and falling leaves. Comes with an inner lining that is sooo silky smooth! The quality feels like an expensive dress. Indeed a gem.

Link to this dress: http://joifeth.com/product/ismena-dress/



I put on a pearl earrings and necklace to have the 80s feeling. hehe
and a pink belt to add on to the colors!


They have more perky designs! They launch quite frequently and don't forget to join their mailing list for future updates and promotions:)
Just click on any photos to enter their site..

Pearly top at only $23


Varanese Bandage skirt at $27 that comes in 3 different designs..


They are launching more exciting designs! Look at their upcoming new arrivals :)




Don't u love all the vibrant colors and all the lovely designs!
Remember to visit them at http://joifeth.com
or u can visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/joifeth


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