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Saturday, May 31, 2008

someone : Hm, $10-$20.
asd : Yup, but like no holiday.
huiting : LOL. no need la, ownself will adjust. :X
sockyuan : Okay, you decide with evon see when ask me out ! :D
hongling : Lol, ok can :D You hotter la ! haha. Your bf allow uh ?
qiuyun : okay yay! :D :D
peijie : Hello, i've been fine :D you ? See u soon.
baobao : okay, thanks yea ! Arrange one day out with peijuan & queeny :D
amanda : yeah, been fine. you ? :D
panphila : Okay, thanks for ur tag !
joyce : take note of ur link le :D
xinyi.c : LOL , ur pretty classmate .
jonathan : hello, okay. (:
glovor : yay, thanks dad. !
passer : 163cm.

School recently is so boring! =\ Im having holiday now, but seems like no holiday.
Next week still need to go back school.
Thurs , roller blading exercise at pasir ris park ! :D
Yay, didnt fall down. I haven't rust yet,
so nor suie . Only huiting ! Haha. :X
Laughed so much when we're playing, goodness. Lol.

Yesterday, almost fainted in school.
Meet daddy in e evening, went cathay to watch 'Made of Honour' .
Finally im watching tat show, i wanna watch ' Sex in the city ' !
After movie, walked down to esplanade then clarke quay.

Times have change now, don't you people realise,
Fat guys with thin girls,
thin guys with fat girls.
Ugly girls with charming guys,
pretty girls with ugly guys.
Tian ah, i wonder how'll be mine look like?
Fat, thin, charming, ugly, short, tall ?
There's only 5 thing i don't want my boyfriend to be :
- Too gentle / Too rough.
- Unthoughtful person
- dishonest!
- shorter than me!
- a smoker
Lastly, not too ugly & not too handsome. :X

Readers, go check out this website,
A very cool website, selling GUCCI bags & wallets / BURBERRY shawls ! Alot for you to choose, dun miss this !

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Albert :yea, Hope its good. (:
Guest : Lol, no boys will want me laa.
passer~ : Aw, didnt finish. If i can get B i happy le~
sheryn : Hm. i dunknow any websites, i go photoshoot thru friends.
suie : haha, I wuliao ma then change column. Rollerblade soon please ! :D
xinyi.c : Yea, did helped me. Thanks ! :D
hongling : Hao ! Your photoshoot photos are hot la! Drools* :X
qiuyun : Haha, i ms too ! At least we went out ! :D
Yourfaithfulblogreader : Yep .
sockyuan : Thanks alot leh ~ very touched sia. Date me out soon okay ! :D
glovor: Daddy, thanks so much for everything, :D:D:DD
xinyi: Nah, its okay ~ Date me out soon yeah!
phySoX : Lol, i think u think too much le.My chio-est daddy & qiuyun ! :D
Make up credit - qiuyun & ahfat!
Okay, he got pimple now. LOL!

Steamboat at my place, then went tmall.
Movie > home.
The movie is quite boring, disturbing daddy with qiuyun in e cinema=.=
After that, qiuyun & me had mood swings -.-
Oh, having slight fever now. Tian ah~

Ask me out for clubs please people , :D

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hungry ?

Before , after ! :D

Yesterday's sleep was not a good one & went nervous for the paper.
Didn't complete the paper, oh well. All i could say is, i did my best.
Fan kept blowing which makes me feel so irritated.
After paper, home & changed. Meet michelle, suie, cassandra & siewmin.
Followed by huiting at cityhall. Spent most of our time waiting & waiting.
Supposed to reach home by 8plus as uncle came, but reached at 10pm. Counsel !
Oh friends, i love you all.
Im so touched to see all the message sent, the calls i picked, and those encouraging words.
Thanks & super big thanks.
I'm still a carefree & sunshine girl. Right, daddy ? :D
Spent 3 hours chatting at playground at night, is the most precious time I've spent.

Tags ( reply to some only ) :
  • Huiting, jesslyn, sockyuan, peijuan, byMICH, qiuyun, albert, xinyi , baobao, laiman , limin , =D , shimin , LINQ : Big thanks to you guys ! I'm very touched laa ~ See you soon , love you all ! :D
  • shaun - I seldom appear online, mostly i will appear offline :X Lol.
  • passerby* - artist is 1tym.
  • zL : Lol, thanks man! Super shock to see ur tag! How's your school already?
  • Rachy : Must have patience in everything you do!
  • Joyce - okay, i'll tell you online. (:

Friday, May 23, 2008

First photoshoot photos.
Lazy to upload for the past few days, so enjoy.
Pardon me, my hair is messy.

这几天我的博客会比较闷, 因为最近的心情都焦点在书上.
最近, 也发生了 很多事情, 心情也不安.
算了, 不咎既往吧 ! 不想为了一点小事, 而愁眉不展.

今天去搭脚车, 心情比较好一点, 感觉轻松多了.

倒计时, 多三天就是华文 O水准了.
大家要尽力而为, 一定要坚持到底 !
不要放弃 !
Reason for me to type chinese for today's post is very simple,
is to improve on my chinese. Tata~

我没有快乐家庭, 每次回家,家里没人, 妈妈已经对家人不闻不问了.
我也没有快乐的爱情, 感情也疏远了.
我只有快乐的朋友们, 谢谢你们一直在我身旁鼓励我.

再见 .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ke Ai Nu Ren
- Click if you wanna listen.

My brain is currently not working anymore . =\
Writting chinese compo + chinese letter writting for days,
I think i've messed up the two formats already.
& wrote many many wrong words.
Quite happy for this few days, as my compo and letter writting had improved sightly! :X YAY*
My friends helped me quite a lot actually. Thanks to my lovely people.
Everyday stayed in school, 8am start doing chinese till 6pm. So tiring please.
Omg la, left 4 days to mt o lvls!
I am NOT going to let anything affect my mood to study for chinese.
Aiming to get B, hope i can.
Jiayou! I can do it * :D
June holidays are here, but we've to go back for normal timetable for the first two weeks.
Boring ! Seems that i cant attend the flying fox & dragon boating activity ! RARR ! ):
Oh, im still sick. Didnt get any better & im still eating chocolates as usual!
Shooting this sunday is postponed to next sunday ~ Well, at least i could study for my mt!
Going to stop here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does it look like me ? My lovely drawing ! :X

Ala carte buffet at boon keng area . Not very fresh though =\

Aw, im very tired this few days. Dont know why im waking up at weird timings during weekends.
Real tired, looking at my photos,
my eyes had became smaller & my eye bag is getting deeper.
But I'm having great diet this few days. ( No wonder im gaining weight ! )
Didnt exercise for very long already, getting rusty.
Speaking about today.
Today had chinese coaching in school again. I stayed back this time, which makes my blood boils many times!
Roar, so pissed please...!
For letter writting, wrote out of point, nevermind. Because i didnt put in effort i know.
But for compo, i had to add on many words, which made me run up & down the stairs so many times asking teacher.
Until when i finished, teacher asked me to rewrite again.
Fuck , is what i thought.
Nabei & wa lao , is what i said.
Very pissed la, stayed till 6plus, almost everybody left.
Chinese suck suck suck suck ! _l_
Get off my sight after monday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Photos uploaded ! :D
My blog is currently very lag ! =\
Please do have patience, for it to load finish everything.Welcome to Korea !
Lol. I look better in hanbok or Kimono ???
Comment please :D

Baobao Precious is so cute laaaa ~ :D

Yesterday went for shooting with baobao again, this time at japanese garden.
We took turns to wear the hanbok ( Korean costume ) & kimono ( Japanese costume ) .
& yea, thanks candy for the hanbok ! :D
These are the only photos i took with me, shall upload the rest when i receive them yeah :D
I have a super weak body because i am sick again now ! =\
After shooting we went seperate ways, i went home then mac to study.
Talked about many things, I'm feeling better though.
Thanks to my super dad ! :D

P.s : I love my family . How i wish to know what adults are thinking.

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