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Saturday, April 26, 2008

baobao: LOL ! Yeah , thanks :D You take care too uh! Dun fall down again! :x
qiuyun : xie xie ni ! ^^ See u in school ! :D
Mabel : Yay, saw you saw you :D haha. takecare too! Loveee.
passer : i think so too , cos im like sweating in e yellow dress.
passerr : some sort of mood swing.
xinyi.c : LOL ! takecare ya, thanks ! :D Still got photos coming ~ ^^
passerby : hm, fashion bullet. :D
bloghopper : haha, thanks yeah :D my mum doesnt like me to be a model~ =\
passerby : Around $30+ forgot actual price, bought at fashion bullet, bought quite sometime alr.
Songhan : Haha, thanks :D Still got photos coming ! Hm , my friend accidently push me during PE, haven play 5mins fall liao -.-

This is baobao ! Cool right ! :D

Copyright : Steviesun .

My arm look fat here ! ): click for larger view
Feeling upset this few days. Sorry if i have serious PMS in school.
I injured my leg and elbow this time, it was an accident & i cried. =\

Laiman :
see you later ! :D
Xinyi.c : Lol, u went on thurs? Hm, my friend push me during pe . ):
qiuyun : haha ! ok lah~ :D
LINQ : Ha, u too yea, jiayou ! see you soon , love.
=D : er, he's my senior ?
baobao : haha ! see first laa, dun pull me in first ! :X
x : ha, thanks ! :D
cindii : yup .
((: : thanks ! :D takecare~
Xueling : okay , soon :D

Monday, April 21, 2008

qiuyun : hello siao ding dong ! :D haha.
Angela : I very nice de, i dun bomb ppl when they are sleeping. LOL!
Emilia : Babee ! imu too~ =\
xinyi : LOL, like very -_-" , must keep cheering.
suie : Must be cheerful always :D Think positive & make your own stand next time! :D
Songhan : ha, haven receive those photos yet, soon bah :D

once again, took Physics SPA test again , one more to go !
Friday is my Chemistry SPA test, so much to memorise . ):
Seems that most people in my level with CCA are feeling sad, as we're stepping down.
I'm so touched & envy to see some juniors giving their seniors presents !
Where is mine , my pretty juniors?
Yes, i got none ! How bad. I ain't feeling sad because I'm happy to be graduate from this dance.
I wanna be a choreographer, but not teaching traditional kind , ):
Awww, gonna finish my StudioWu class soon.
Saturday, watched 'Hottie & Nottie' , the movie's alright.
Sunday, photo shooting at Clarke Quay. Cass tagged along :D Was tired , but overall i learnt a lot of things.
Photographers of the day : Stevie & Ken. Thanks so much for everything ! Enjoyed my day.
Photos taken will upload soon, maybe in a couple of days, so readers , be patient ! :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008
Time to study.

Morning my dear readers, currently waiting for some slowpokes to get their ass off their beds.
No idea what to type, so this will be it :
  • My leg cramped for the 4th time, dunknow whats wrong with my left leg.
  • Speech day performance went smoothly.
  • Graduated from dance.
  • Mid year is 10+ days from now.
  • Chinese O lvl is 5weeks from now.
  • Geography & SS testing on whole book, i've not revised any topic.
  • P.Chemistry & P.Physics testing on 20+ chapters.
  • Revised whole sec3&4 of maths, still dunknow some topics.

Fuck you, examinations.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

angela : haha, like that call cheating! anw, i also reveal answer liao. :D
songhan : Eeyer, mine cuter! haha. Every baby cute lah. (:
pass : Yup , but my make ups cant seen in photos.
passer : hello , thanks ! tc . :D
queeny : Ha, exams yao lai le wor, jiayou & start studying uh ! :D
huiting : If i wake up i sure answer lo! My hp left half batt mah, ring till flat! thanks to u two.! Lol.

Tata ~ Answer revealed ! :D Does it still look like me? I think my eyes grown much bigger! Haha.
Second baby is ikmal, third is michelle , followed by angela, suie, saifullah, miss rahayu, cassandra & huiting !

Didnt went school today, ): I felt like a handicap, my legs cramped from 3am till now, dunknow why. Sitting for quite sometime already, no one's at home to look after me.
Eating maggie mee for weeks. ):
My legs are so jelly now, cant even stand properly, muscles aint functioning properly i guess.
Why does it happen when i need to do so many things today , _l_ _l_ _l_ _l_
Tmr will be my performance, please get well soon.
Yesterday night when i am sleeping, two idiots bomb me at midnight, the two idiots are cassandra & huiting ! -_-"
My phone vibrates & drop onto the floor & it rings until my battery went flat! Imagine how many calls is that! zz

Monday, April 14, 2008

meiyee : Good good, cheerup ! :D
yingherng: hey , i borrowed the disc alr. sorry for the trouble & thanks so much yeah :D
laiman : Hahaaa ! U cai dao le, bu hao wan. i didnt MIA ~ Next monday ok! :D
anonn : Nope, natural (: thanks.
xinyi : hello . (:
pass : haha, jamie isit?
anony : yea, i know i spelt wrongly. haha.
baobao : LOL isit! you go shop ask the person change for u lah :D
diana : eeeee, bu hao wan le. Lol ! STEAMBOAT !
yingying : Lol , why u take out again ~~~

GUESS who is who , :D See whether can spot me ~

Click photos for larger view.

This is miss rahayu ! Ha, her face didnt change at all !

Saturday, April 12, 2008

yingherng : Hm, yup, when can u pass me ?
jes : hey ! :D
baobao : i not changing now ba~ Still searching for nice plastic studs. =\ so far see de all so UGLY ): When u changing ?
Laiman : Darling ! Hah, ya lor. see i play MIA =x see u soon uh ! MISS U ~
Xinyi : hahah , cause i've banned them :D

Went Calvin & Keith's warehouse today, with cassandra & suie. :D
That place is a remote place, its so stuffy!
Each of us bought a bag, when i intended to buy heels! =\ Next, we cab down to bugis.
Meet boyfriend, went for dinner, walked around then movie - definitely maybe.
& home, so tired now . yawns, bye.
happy spamming, spammers :D

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh, i miss blogging. Im feeling so tired now, ):
Having test for 4 subjects next week, and mid year are around the corners .
Awww , the feeling is so sucky.
Tmr will be having rehersal again, gonna perform soon next friday.
My com is so sot now, that everything goes mess up whenever i click on IE.
Hang on there my lovely com , please hang on till my exams , where you can RIP all you like.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Readers, i wont be blogging often as my computer now have a lot of problems / virus.
I need a windows XP home disc, anyone could lend me?
Went study > pub yesterday with my lovely cliques, reached home at 2am .
AHHHHH , damn my computer ! Many things are popping out, roar !

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Urging to blog today . :D
Thanks to people who helped me to advertise my blogshop , please do support ! :D

Mummy went JB on tues & she bought alot alot of my favourite crackers.
& I haven finish those she bought from bugis ! =\
I've been munching alot this week including in class when we're having lessons, sharing with my classmates :D
Eating those crackers e whole day. { No wonder im still heaty }
Skipped my pop dance again, im lazy to go.
Changed my naval stud, changing to other one soon. (:
Hate people who shows off their naval piercing, hope ur naval is swollen like a balloon. _l_ see how u show off. _l_
Oh boring, im finishing school at 7pm tmr. Tata ~

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Heheh , thanks ! :D

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