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Saturday, December 28, 2013
Tokyo x OOTD

1 day in Tokyo means EAT x SHOP! The Matcha IceCream is soooooo good!
I love eating in Japan and I think that is the only place I eat non stop, other than US.
hahaha the ramen and everything is sooooo yummy. Im not a fan of sushi but the best sushi I tried (so far) is from Japan's 7-11 store. LOL can you imagine.
I dont go famous places in Japan to eat sushi thus I only can compare Japan's 7-11 sushi and spore's sushi from japanese restaurants..... hahaha

My outfit from Korea. :)

Ramen !!!!

My outdoor shoot x date with bf! He was my photographer that day hehe

I love wearing dresses and this is one of my favourite!! Blue skater dress from www.vogueavenue.com.sg
Simple and sweet. :-) One accessory can beautify the entire outfit!

Have u checked out VA's Rewards YET?  The deal is sooooo attractive!
Just read on:

With every purchase of $1, you will be entitled 1 VA Point.

For every 20 VA Points accumulated in your personal account is equivalent to $1 credit!
Vogue Avenue offers different tiers of membership.
Registered members or customers with any first purchase will be issued free lifetime CLASSIC membership!
Invite your GFFs to join you for an awesome online shopping experience with Vogue Avenue. 
100 VA Points will be credited into your personal account when your invited GFFs make their first purchase! 
What’s more? 
There is no limit to the number of GFFs you can invite! 

Why wait to join? CNY  is approaching! Share ur love and get rewarded! :)

My other lovely floral dress is from www.shopsassydream.com !!  You saw it from my blog banner photo.
Makes me really feminine and my love for floral prints never die :P

They have many floral and plaits prints. Not too much and I really love them all! ^^

Went to Carpenter & cook the other day.
Love going cafe to kill time! ^^  Do you know that Tea is my favorite and I drink them everyday? hehe
My body is overdosed with antioxidant :P

Gotta work tonight.  :(

Merry xmas&  happy new year !!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry xmas ppl! It's the feastive season now, I love love feastive season cause everywhere is beautifully decorated! 
Minus the crowd. Oh well, I think singapore is getting toooooo crowded. The population seemed to be tripled. Even eating outside is a chore. :(

Today I am sharing my post with all my OOTDs! 

Shimeralla Pullover from www.vogueavenue.com.sg  
My favourite long sleeve top...I wore this top for 3-4 times already! hehe
Shorts from Korea.

When I was in Brisbane, I wondered what to wear so it's not too causal and it's summer now! So I paired my h&m floral cropped top with VogueAvenue's Flared Skorts!
It fits me well & gives a slim waist look! The quality is so good - Thick and comfy!
They have xmas collection this season too :)

Done a number of outdoor shoots lately. hehe I love photoshoots!!
Wearing this sweet floral romper from www.shopsassydream.com!
I love all the items they brought in! So feminine and suits me well! :)  So many pretty dresses and tops that I don't know which to choose. hahaha

This white cross bandage top is from www.shopsassydream.com too! Isn't it pretty. You can wear it off-shoulder too. :-)

Time to start shopping for CNY clothes!  ^^

Wore it to Cassandra's 21st party! :-) Nautical theme so I paired it with a striped skirt that I bought online.

My face was really red that day. No idea why too :(

My xmas outing with my dearest bf :) Went to OC to take photos with those pretty decorations.
It's sooooo pretty that I melted hahaha ok joking.

 I wanna have a candy shop too!

I have alot of phtoos to share! My 1 day tokyo and my outdoor shoot photos.
Come back soon! :-)

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Vintage Studio Opening

Vintage Studio opened another salon, this time at Jurong Westgate, #03-25 ! It was just BESIDE jurong east MRT. There's a walkway that links from the mrt.
 Was invited by Roy over and I realized it was the first day of Westgate opening as well! Congratulations to Vintage studio! ^^ Truly proud to be a blogger for them. Now they are all over Singapore, you can find them in Far East/ Bugis/ Bedok and now even in Jurong! 

Xmas decoration and the interior in the salon. I love the wallpaper and even the seats are so comfy!
Drinks are served as usual if you're a customer there.

Let's start my hair treatment! O3 treatment was used for my really dehydrated hair.
My hair is not really chemically damaged but is damaged from flying (dry air) and frequent usage of hair dryer.

I can't live without hair dryer but oh well. it's so bad for the hair.

I love the professionalism that my hair stylist deliver, and how dedicate he handles my hair. I love head massage and I really enjoy the head massage that he did! 

There are 4 types of hair treatment, PERM/REPAIR/COLOR/HYDRATE.

Mine was hydrate. It was different from repair! Repair is for hair which is consistently in contact with chemicals.:)

 It was done within 2 hours!

Roy was the one on the left, Vincent is the boss and he is on the right:)

 I always enjoy doing my hair at Vintage Studio! ^^
My hair cut was from Roy, but it's been few months since I cut! I wanna let it grow longer before I trim them!^^

 My hair is now so soft! I had to work the next day and I had difficulty tying a bun cause it was too smooth to handle. haha! It shows I can see results even in one treatment !

Join Vintage Studio over at their FB page:

VOTE for your favourite stylist and you get a chance to win a makeover worth $300! ^^

Remember to call them to book appointment.
They have promotions if you go from 11am to 3pm on weekdays.
View their website here:


Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Singapore x Melbourne

OOTD x Shoot at Gardens by the bay!

The light show that MBS played everynight at 8pm. Singapore, you're so beautiful at night.

It was a fate to meet cass several times in sydney but fate continues playing and I even met her in Melbourne  during her 1 week holiday there!!!! omg why am I so lucky to have her.
AND it was her birthday during that week, (although it was a little belated). I managed to google the best bakery in town near my Hotel and found Laurent!

Bought 4x mini cakes and went around hunting for candles n lighter hahaha before I finally surprise her with the cake.

We had lunch at Grill'd Burger, with her sister and Anna. :-)

Nomnomz. My satay sauce + grilled chicken burger.

The cakes that I bought! It's sooooo pretty but yeah too sinful.

Went DFO for some factory outlet shopping. Didn't get anything there.
And this was the river next to the mall. It was evening but still so bright and sunny!

Macarons from LA BELLE MIETTE. It was said to be famous in melb, so we went to try! A box like this cost over AUD$30. Quite expensive but it was soooo yummy! Probably worth the price we paid. hehe

Pastel colours like this that can brighten up my day^^

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