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Thursday, July 31, 2008

When girls get angry, boys will stay aside & keep quiet.
When girls get unhappy, boys will think that they're emotional.
When girls get happy, boys will think they're crazy.
When girls get jealous, none will know.
Com'on love,
girls are as slutty as they can.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

404 yo,

Prelims are near. Oh my. Haven really start my revision.
Days are quite pack for me. But im super bored at home after school.
Some knows why.
Im watching two movies on friday, Money not enough 2 and mummy!
Went for dpa interview recently. Thanks to louis, he brought me to the staffroom, if not i'll be lost there.
& Wearing uniform alone walking around in poly aint fun k,
hundreds of eyes are all over you.
Don't like the word 'engineering' though the course is quite ok.
Rar. Hungry ghost festival are coming, this friday.
Guys, dont stay out late k . :D Becareful when you're outside at night.
Does best friends normally put 100% trust in each other?
Will you tell them everything that is troubling you?
Though its' yes to some of you. But for some advice,
Its better not to put in 100% trust.
Girls, its better for you if you tell your problems with trusted males rather than your 'girlfriends' , though some boys are jerks. { no offence }

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A basket full of tibits. $30++ Coolness.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey yo, sorry for the bad quality of the photos, real bad.
Yesterday went to meet my primary school friends ,
end up we didnt really study. Too much to talk. Good chance to catch up with each other.
Real fun during childhood times.
Went watch night movie again, with daddy. Prom night. Quite a nice show,where i scream with the actress -.-
I've lost every single data in my com, and im using brother's notebook now.
All my memories are gone now. ):
K,off to suriya's bbq later. Tata ~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Went to meet JQ for a while just, and know what present she gave? She burnt me with her cigg, shit you, painful la.
Smoke more la, you will die before me. :D
She is a bad girl, taught me how to smoke.
Nice day with my classmates today. But it turned ugly when back home.
Seriously, im sick of staying alone at home. Bring me eslewhere please.
Some people are such a failure, i can foresee that they'll be sweeping the road in 5 years time.
Teacher told us, learn to love cos we'll nvr know what is heartache, till we've fall out of love with the one you really love.
Oh ya, i'm called by TP to go down for interview. Engineering sch -.-
I dont know to smile or frown now. =\ RAR ! Engineering leh !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yay, got photos from fan ! HE & his retarded face.

Damn you damn you damn you , damn computer!
I wanted to transfer and upload those photos taken with my two holy brothers.
Junhong & eefan. Seeing the two makes me feel better.
But fuck comp, deleted away those 2 photos not only from my comp,
but from my phone too!
Make me feel so shag la ! Shit you, shit you!
Lucky i got one photo from fan.
):<>I kept questioning myself, am i doing the right decision?
The mistakes I've done in the past reminds me that everything is repeating once more.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

branson yo!

Sentosa with my cliques yesterday ! Intend not to go, but at last took a cab down to meet them over there.
They all went into the water except me alone on land.
I saw siminBitch there, she settled down beside us ! So qiao yo! Bitch, the photos we took aint nice so didnt upload, sorry ! =\
Today , went centrepoint after tuition with laiman darling to do something at clinique booth.
Got their product ! :D Yay.
Took train back to tampines, something unglam happen k,
Is so f.disgusted ! ): Fuck it.
Bye ~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Main focus is not on us, but the girl sleeping beside us! She looks like a pig!

Went bugis, spent alot of money, mostly on face/beauty products.
AND not forgetting presents man.
Then sis house to celebrate adrian's birthday. I've become their fortune teller.
& ya, i believe in tarots card now. Everything seems so true.
Then midnight show with daddy, dark knight. Sit till my butt is so pain please!
Note for you guys : Don't ever watch movie if u're tired.
Tata~ Happy birthday adrian !

Whatever it is, i told myself, giving up is avoiding, which means i'm a loser in my life.
Opportunity cones only once, take it or leave it is always depending on you.
Once a mistake is done, there's no turning back.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey yo guys, yesterday was the day where i did some extensive training with my classmates.
I think we're sick, fancy heading to gym after school when we actually got PE in school.
Almost fainted after 2.4km run {nafa}. Cause 'm losing blood at the same time.
I think i spent my time walking around & talking in gym cos i'm tired.
& We ate like some fat ass eating in the evening.
So many people's birthday in july, paying presents are always in my list.
How i wish i dont know them-.- im kidding.
School is getting more boring. & I hate to study now.
Sad to hear that, there'll be no more prom night for evss again.
& ya, thanks friends who can tolerate my attitude.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Photos are up again, as promised.
Yes, the day today is better.
've two idiots making fun of me the whole afternoon. Daddy + bina!
& 'm touched by my classmates,
although i did not take neoprint with them last week, they wrote my name inside.
Heh, love you guys man.
The 6 of us, excluding suie is so addicted to the show, perfect cut ! =.= Lmao.
Their song is nice ! Hehe. It's about plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery is a no-no to me, its so dangerous and disgusting.
Love yourself man, appreciate for what you have on ur body.
Imagine a knife poking through your skin sucking out your blood/fats or mending your bones and stitching back ur skin.
If something goes wrong, u can say bye-bye to your body.
Sounds disgusting, so 'm stopping this topic.
There is something that stress me k, 38 days to prelims-.-
Bless me.

Want some chicken feet?

Hello huiting, u are not supposed to sit !

I own this car k! LOL, joking.

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