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Sunday, April 20, 2014
The making of Harry Potter.

My virgin experience to WB- Harry Potter tour in London! Not a fan of Harry potter but it's my childhood show! Lucky I bought the tickets in advance because it's always sold!

It would be nice if the tour includes other WarnerBros movies. 

We went to see their 'schools' , their buildings and castle, the visual effects etc.
It was quite interesting! Smthing that it's only available there is their butter beer! Which I did not try at all. Damn I shld hav!

Love all their buildings and was amazed by their visual arts & effects.

It made me wanna watch back all the old movies!

Yueh was my company for that day! Pretty lady.

The tour last for few hour and it cost about $100plus sgd per person.
Worth it because I get to experience something tat I never thought I will! 


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Saturday, April 19, 2014
Lovemore - Glacier water smoothing

A new mask from LoveMore, a 2nd generation of water beauty series which allows our skin to penetrate more moisture and gives a smoother / brighter skin!

It comes in a box of 5 and it's quite small in size compared to other mask. Quite handy for me to bring overseas!
Hydration is what everyone's skin needs. Even for oily skin, u need to replenish the water in ur skin!

A breakdown of their essential ingredients. Aloe Vera, cucumber and teatree is my top 3 favourite product when it comes to skincare. They really can smooth your skin.

Just remove the plastic sheet and leave on ur face for 15 minutes.

It fits perfectly on my face and even after few days I can feel that my skin is still happily hydrated!

I went out immediately after masking! I think it really brightens my skin too because I was sick that day so my skin kinda look dull. 

Happy skin, happy me!

Mask from www.secretive.com.sg

Monday, April 14, 2014
Sexylook - Mirco inject mask

It's been a while since I did a beauty review. Today I'm sharing a new launched series from Sexylook! A brand that I've been using since poly days, apart from Leaders clinic mask and Lovemore mask.

This Mirco inject mask is a new technology from Japan that allows the moisture to be locked into ur skin even more effectively!

I love everything Aloe Vera cus it's so gentle yet soothing for all skin types! 
They have it in 3 kinds, Aloe Vera/ Hyaluronic acid / Rice.
Would love to try Hyaluronic Acid ones! This Aloe Vera helps to reduce skin dryness which I need it whenever I'm overseas! Hotel rooms are soooo dry. 

It is made of pure cotton as you can see from the photo below!
It has a plastic sheet that comes together with the mask. Throw the plastic sheet away and u're ready to use! 

Although the facial sheet is a little big for my face, it fits perfectly and most of my skin is covered!
20mins is all you need for a glowing and smooth skin.

Remember to massage the serum in when you remove the mask off your face. 

My skin feels so refreshing and I love how my skin looks after putting mask on:)

If you are keen in purchasing them, you can visit www.secretive.sg for more!

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Friday, April 11, 2014
Vintage studio

If you wondered why my hairstyle is so demure even after not cutting for 8 mths, I hav to salute my hairstylist, Roy for making my hair so pretty. You can visit him at Vintage Studio! They have various outlets over Singapore and trust me, their standard is really good. 

Went for my haircut recently at Bugis+ and I really love the way the hairstylist shampoos my hair. It comes with head and shoulder massage!!!!
I can just sleep there while they shampoo my hair. Hehe

Love my hair but it's still abit short now. Waiting for it to be longer & I wanna do a perm!

Bridal shoot which I did last few weeks. Been shooting for pss for about 4 years and yes, they are still using me. So honored.:)


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