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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ahhh , im effing tired. =\ Slept for 4hours today.
Cab here & there yesterday, brought my dad to hospital , he's groaning in pain everyday.
Cab's fares are killing, took 3 cab yesterday. Plus that goddamn hospital , _l_ . I hate it. Ask me to there for treatment or what, i rather lie in my coffin first.
Had to trouble my boyfriend for running here & there with me. =\
Something im pissed is : My mum insulted me, saying im getting fatter. HELL.
Chocolates & CNY goodies are haunting me, so i have to munch them away, LOL. Not surprise if im putting on weight over this few weeks ok !

Monday, January 28, 2008

Heheh , my two babies :D Cute uh~
Yesterday : Went uncle house at Punggol , then JoyceCousin house at Sengkang. And off to Compasspoint to meet my boyfriend, then went to TampinesMall. Yes, spent $$ again. =\
There goes my 50bucks.
Today in school, Mr Harold Goh is talking about Os, ya, same topic again.
I gonna brush up / mug for my Physics & Chemistry. Though they're difficult for me to cope, I really cant drop to combine.
Way to goooooooooooo , new marking scheme this year, hopefully not difficult one. =\
Told someone that I will beat his marks, 13 points. -_-"
I will try hard! :D:D:D

Saturday, January 26, 2008

With extensions is the photo above, after taking my extensions out is the photo below. Great differenceeee . ):

Pictures of myself , taken last year. Heheh . Well , i love my sentosa photo so much, cos .
I love my figure last time . Awws , how sad , now i dont have the figure anymoreee . ):
I wanna buy many many dresses ! I know I've spent a few hundreds for 5 weeks alr. =\
Some boys might think that they're lucky not to have a girlfriend like me, hahah .
No worries , i dont take money from anyone nor my parents. :D
Going independent ! :]
& yeah , im quitting my job soon , after CNY , wondering how am i going to survive . =\

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Do we resemble the rabbit ? LOL.

Monkey & Rabbit ! :D

This year is RAT YEAR! :D
Monkey ~
Snakeeeee .
See , i kiss the pig & he's shy. HE IS BLUSHING ! =x HAHA.
Noon, head to vivo alone to xchange something then bought accessories at chamelon again . LOL.
Reached amk hub, meet liminBoyfriend. Shop , play & eat . A fun day with her ! :D
Loveeeeeyou, we shall meet again ! :D

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Guys, im finally free to blog . But im so lazy. LOL.
Went camp on thurs & went home on friday be4 e camp fire .
Thanks soo much to xueling for lending me your sleeping baggggggg ! :D
Felt so bad , shivering beside me=.= Sorry sorry !
My back is now still aching from the first night, sleeping on e floor.
Camp was quite fun . Need to shout alot & my throat is dryyyyy . =\
okkkkkk . shall end here , bye !

Amanda : I relink you soon. (: Er, i cant recall =\ lol , thankssss ! :D
Sockyuan : Why ? =.= lol .
Limin : Okayyyy ! ^^
Regina : oks . relink u soon .
passer : Er , cut thin ? lol .
mabel : Babeeeee , i cant make it wor ! ): Im so sorryyyyyyy ! T.T
Veronica : Mei ! Haha. okoks ^^ see u in school ~
Jeslin : Haha. oks . you take care too ! :D
Charmaine : relink soon ~
Jiahwei : Xingan ! No uh . you then getting prettier :D:D:D
Xueling : Isit ! LOL , good laaaaaaaaaaaa got enjoy! :D thnks so muchhhhhh ~

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First day of 2008 ! Hope it will be better year ! :D & im taking my god O lvl this yr. HELL!
Time flies so so so so fast, ): I miss those memories .
I wanna study real hard this year. Aiming to get at least 15 points ! ;D
& SCHOOL TMR. Ohmygoodness*
Im going for e sec 1 camp ? ROFLS . I cant imagine myself following with sec 1 ppl. -.-
Countdown ytdy , went to find darling & his friends at vivo at 7plus, then went to eat.
Was freaking bored ok, cos i didnt really talk much. Lucky got some smses to entertain me.
Next, clark quay, nv fail to eat icecream whenever i go there :D LOL.
Then boat quay went pub to drink awhile, head back clark quay for celebration.
At 12am, we all 16 ppl sprayed at each other -__-" Lame right, but we played till ...... All so dirty.
Then walked to esplanade & marina sq . Saw many people i know . :D
4plus, we went back hougang. Nice journey lor, we almost walked e whole hougang, LOL.
Then head back darling's hse & sleepppppp till 2plus. Eat & homeeee!
Im lacking of sleep everyday ! ):

Sockyuan : Yes yes, i saw you ! HAHA. hows yr N lvl result?
Xuexue : Yep i was ther . (:
Bren : Caixuannnn, i miss you too ! Meet soon with SUR ppl oks ! :D HAHA.
(: : Lol, malaysia -.-
laiman : Wa, darling so clever. haha, good ma ! :D
Sh'min : oks , will relink u soon. (:
MR BOI : thnks. (:
Mr handsome : You are ? =.=
Limin : Dunwant la, later xin itchy. LOL. & ya, this week i cant, got camp ): Happy new yr too ! ILU !
Tammy : Er, 20-30bucks bugis shld have ba, but very lil. But for me, i anyhow walk de. If got nice dress then i buy. (: my white dress is 30+, Happy new yr too! :D
(: : First floor . Forgotten e shop name, lol.
Linq : Haha, happy new yr too ! :D Loves ~
Baoxiang : Happy new yr too ! see you soon ! & i'll relink u soon. (:
Hongling : Happy new yr too ! ^^

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