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Friday, November 28, 2008
Im sorry.

Headed to Sitex fair today.
Compared many cameras.
Nikon > Samsung > Fuji > Canon > Sony.
Last stop was browsing at canon booth.
Lazy to turn back go back other booths to consider,
I bought a canon camera there.
It's a great deal too !
SGD$499 for the Canon IXUS 90 IS.

It gives a lot of free gifts ! The most best gift is..........
Bought ink + photo sheets for another $32.90 .
So in all the price is SGD$ 531.90.
I only invested $100 in it and the camera is MINE !
How great ! :D

The most disappointing thing is,
I got so pissed when people are giving out flyers every step i take.
Take one step only, one brochure infront of you already.
And im supposed to buy hard disk for desmond.
I had a hard time finding.
Ask around those people working there, all point different direction.
Walked to the place where one salesperson pointed, i couldnt find.
So i asked another. He pointed another way. I went, still couldnt find.
I asked again, she point another direction.
Walk from hall 5 to hall 6 then back to 5.
Plus it was quite packed there.
People rushing and pushing. How bad.
Decided to give up, not to buy. Head to hall 4 next, John little sale.
Not much people there, guessed all went sitex fair.
Bought lingeries there when i intend to buy flats !

Meet glovor after that , went his grandma place for dinner! Woo :)
Ok , he is leaving to malaysia with the bball team.

Aint no stressing.

My hair is now ....
fizzy and dry like dry grass!!
Doing treatment at home doesnt help.
I've been a pig to vincent -.-
Allow him to perm my poor hair. Outcome sucks, cos the topic sucks.
So I want to make it straight back. And my hair is back to normal !
Stuck there for hours.
Glad that he've passed the perming exam !
Poor hair, so stinky now. Full of chemical smell.
Imm going there to do treatment next week.
Oh, I saw one man in the salon. So lady-like please!
Cabbed back to tampines alone, im already late + super late. SGD$21 -.-
Dinner then went tmall. Couldnt find sports shoe.
Then rushed to bugis, all the shops are closed -.-
No choice so took SBS12 home !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
two post for today.

Nice night.

'Kaypohgirls' party @ powerhouse yesterday.
Its my favourite club among those i went, but I did not really enjoy yesterday, was still so-so.
Ladies went aint as pretty as I thought. Just some normal girls that u'll spot on street.
No hot ones, maybe one or two.
Music aint good, DJ kinda suck. Doesnt have the kick of dancing well.
Everyone was swaying most of the time instead.
And there're some idiots who wore heels { like me }.
Dancefloor freaking packed + hot as usual.
Almost sprained my foot, thank god to that heels.
No event that night, just
Left quite early, becos something cocked up.

How dumb ?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bought a new phone already, but it wasnt as good as the previous one.
A sony ericsson phone still, 3.2 megapix still, but it wasnt cybershot. ):
Friends, please send a message to me and tell me who u're . I've lost all contacts.
My number is still the same.
Thank you.

Went body's shop private sale on friday, nothing much to see cos its so small?
Only bought some facial stuffs there .

Headed to bedok 85 today, my first time heading there ok .
And i never been to simpang bedok before.

Call me a mountain tortise.
Had seafood there, but no crab when im craving for it! -.-

Im getting fatter and chubbier. Im going on diet now ! :)

I've missed a great dinner party.
Im sick , yet I still have to work.
I hurt myself so much while working.
I have no idea why I have so many cuts on my hand. ( maybe those accessories poked me? )
Totally hate working when Im not in a right mood, cried for mercy infront of haney.
I felt so dumb, crying during work.
Told haney every single thing, she's the only one who knows my stuffs. { Im fine now, fyi. }

Good enough, I did not curse the stealer who stole my phone.
But this makes me so angry! One problem come after another.
I don't need any people to pity me.
I just want my phone back !
I got so lonely in train, I only got ipod to accompany.
I got company on sat on the way to work and that is when im totally sad + disappointed + angry + vexed.
And on sunday back home.
Thank you friends,
It's always when i need you guys, you guys just suddenly disappear.


Friday, November 21, 2008

My phone is missing.
I'll be missing on saturday and sunday too.
I have no friend's contact number ( i dont memorise), only for one.
If there's any need to find me. Call my house phone on monday.

Im running a fever now. :\
Im facing for the worst.


Thursday, November 20, 2008



4 years of best friend, and still counting !
Send you all my love and luck !
Went Sentosa to play, brought a lot of snacks + food to picnic.
Wanted to try go-kart! But not enough time.
Then dinner @ Vivocity - Serenity bar.
I love their waiters man ! Got one named Zack.
Told my friends that I will come back when i intend to see other cafes, and I did !
So embarrassing-.-
But that place is nice enough, got one stage somemore!
The singer on stage sang birthday song for her in the whole cafe ! :D
And Zack brought in a swensen's cake to surprise her !
Ok, I hope she's touched.
I love that place. And their waiters are so friendly !
I've attracted wrong waiter there. Gosh, that waiter.... -.-
Cassandra foot $100 on bill. Thanks so much birthday girl ! :)
For photos in Part II, I've just received it from suie.
So photos wont be in order.

I'll be going on 25th as promised, if my friend is going!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fake winnie :
If you think I have no guts then think that way lor?
Like what you said, you wont know what I'll do right? :)
If you think i look like a chick , then think that way.
No one is stopping u to think how you look at me. The way u thought is your problem.
You dont care, then you think i care?
And if i ban you, means you wont be able to come to tag right?
Why I'll be so stupid to ban you when i need more screenshoots?
Dont be dumb.
Spam more la. You dont dare or you had enough?
I bet you've no guts to spam .
And you must be guessing that I have no guts to report.
I'll play with you till the end. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
You burned me away with your hot temper.

Hope you had a great day!
And I'll shower you with lots of my love !

Applied half day leave.
Went orchard soup spoon to eat .
Next, far east to walk.
Lastly, TCC @ bugis junction . :)
Hearty heart.

Last christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you give it away.
This year, to save me from tears, I give to it someone special.

I really had a good talk with haney.
She told me that I'll be leading a different life next year, with new surroundings, new friends, new school, new challenges, new everything.
And asked me to heed my uncle's advice. This is an impossible thing.
Then I told her, since everything is new, then next year I will have a new trend.
I'll start wooing guys. Not the other way round.

I'd love talking to adults, espcially when they aren't related to me by blood.
I walked home alone today after sending laiman off,
I went somewhere near my place to have a sit and I looked up the sky.
I saw stars and stared for 5 mins.
I told myself no one will come to look for me.
How true, no one came and I went home.
How stupid can I get ?


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