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Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 race started already, too bad i didnt caught it live or caught in on television.
So many people are so agitated when they watch.
never knew I will come across hearing people screaming.
I've got 6 F1 tickets @ home,
I dont know its ticket or what, somehow its a strap of shiny ticket for us to tie @ our wrist.
But i think it is.
Dont know why my brother brought it back.
Some SP people are being send over to work, including my brother. Cool uh!

Sucha long time since I've sit down to relax to use my computer.
I've been rushing my homework this week,
so tense that i think im going insane.
Yes, im half insane already.
Let me tell you guys something,
you might think im cracking a joke or what.
But im serious!
The more i study, the more stupid i get -.-
Im not the one who agree to this please ! LOL.
Is like what the hell?!
I dont know why either, every question i do,
i have to refer back to the answers or ask my friends. ):
Espcially physics and emaths !
Both my best subjects ! Which makes me so damn irritated.
Hell. Everything is screwing up.
This makes me hate physics & love chemistry even more -.-

Mummy told me not to study. LOL!
Whatever it is, dont stress yourself. :]
People taking N levels, all the best !
& Your holidays are coming !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look @ my lips.
This happens when you dont drink plenty of water!

Bad teaching !

Readers, Imma going to be a nerd now,
& gonna let my blog to be as dull as my background colour.
I'll blog something interesting asap whenever im free.
Promise ! :D
And endure for this 3 weeks or so,
It's my fast & furious period now.
Teachers are giving almost 10 schools exam papers per subject for us to complete within 2-3weeks.
I'll go crazy sooner or later.

I've been studying with my primary school mates lately,
Yanning, vivian, jovey, junhong, nico, etc etc.
8 of us see for each other in 5-7 days straight @ tmart mac.
Tired of seeing the same faces everyday!
Went airport yesterday night with my two study partners.
They were so energetic to study the whole night.
Im not like them , I kept complaining tired & cold ! =\
Yeah, we tonned there.
Studying with them makes me feel so stress!

Laiman ! My pimples are gone ! ^^

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just some random photos,
didnt take any photos nowadays.
The places i went these few days are so casual, so I didnt even bother to take any photos.

He is my student cum cousin.
I taught him how to speak........
HAHA, joking.
I normally speak with so many singlish in one sentence,
how could i possibly teach him that !
I'll be whacked by my uncle.
I've been teaching him simple english words every sunday.

What I've been doing this few days is ....
I've been hanging out with my primary school mates.
Study, study & study!
Tmart mac & Airport will soon be owned by me.
I've been staying at tmart mac most of my time nowadays.
Imma going airport tmr & friday night.

I got myself two great study partner,
Lene & Junhong.
Both chiongsters! Much more crazier than me.
Got so good grades for prelims!
Make me feel so demoralise ! ):
That's very good for them, as long as they dont admit to Mental hospital. ;]

Words/Books makes me sleepy. Yawn,
I have no choice. ):
I only know i want to get a good grades.
I have no aims in my life.
I wanna lead a good life,
I wanna be rich ! :D
Everyone wants it.

Oh, school's prom to ZOUK might be
Due to sucha bad response.

I've got a good news to announce.
My daddy had done drilling my ceiling.
I've hang my net up.
& I've changed my new bedsheet given by my classmates !
Wanna see the outcome?
Dont envy ok,


Chio bo ?
Dont envy! Joking. :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lacking of entertainment nowadays, where my blog is getting more dull.
Seriously, I feel like slapping every pupils in graduating class { esp huiting! } and including myself.
Time to wake up!
Other schools have 30%-50% distinctions for Chinese O levels.
How about our school?
Merely a 10% . Oh please,
though my MT sucks, im nagging at myself too.
Just a month away from us,
Im feeling so tense already.
I bet people who are taking major papers are feeling tense too.
Just that you all don't bother to study. Thinking that your Aces will appear infront of you.
I think I'll be rushing like crazy for the next few weeks.
And ya,
I've signed up for TP RAWKS ! :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh great ,

just realise that my hair is actually nice, from telling at the last photo on 14th sept. :)

Done facial done just now, with two of my friends. My face is so poppy red now. Should have done it on weekend.


Wondering if im going to school with this face tmr. I feel like taking one day leave.

Im going away for a long break. Believe me? :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've gotten back my prelim results,
I have no comments on it.
I got 18 points for my L1R4.
English - 55/100 , C5
E.Maths - 81/100, A1.
PurePhysics - 68/100 , B3.
PureChem - 65/100, B3.
Chinese - 51/100, C6.
Humanities - 50/100, C6.
Did badly for chinese and humanities.
Which i can never get a B.
Same goes to english.
Argh. Pimples are everywhere on my face !
Fuck it,
Im going facial tmr .

33 days to O lvl,
54 days to my holiday !

Thanks everyone for the message, though i didnt reply.
Thanks for the wonderful presents,
thanks for the accompany.
Thanks for clearing my wishlist,
Thanks for everything. :D
Happy birthday to vivian, peijuan, yumiko, muslimah and lastly, me ! :D
Basically, I'll be busy with school work recently,
cause my night class in school started on monday.
And my O lvls are near.
Stacks of homeworks are flying to us.
We're all rushing and rushing.
Tata ~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I got 3 cakes now, when its not even 16th sept.


My cakes this year is so pathetic,

every cake i got only got one candle. ):

I love the roses.
16 stalks, for the 16 yr old me, whose birthday falls on 16th sept.

Dont laugh when u're drinking.
You'll get choke. :D

We are the birthday girls ! ^^
Haha. We're tgt for 8 yrs.
And the years are still counting on.

You know, this two girls ROCK ! :D

Ok, these photos were taken on saturday, where I celebrated my birthday at royal's queen hotel with sis.
It's our birthday celebration ! :D
Done classic pedicure & heel treatment & eyebrown trimming that late morning, that cost me $61.
Spent this amount just to pamper myself.
Million thanks to the people who came.
Trillion thanks to suie, cassandra & glovor.
Thanks for the presents,
thanks for the flowers,
thanks for the cakes !
I love it very much,
and thanks star star for the plan after the dinner ! :D
Im touched when they sang birthday song for me & sis @ bugis junction where everyone is looking.
I love you guys.
It's a memorable birthday. (:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I suddenly had so many pimples popping out on my face.
That's a very bad news!
It must be the facial foam im using now!
Dont know what weird brand is that, which is imported from korea.
I've been using biore for years and usually nothing happens,
so the facial foam im using is,
Going to get myself a new facial foam soon.
I cant stand too see pimples.
Neither nor i wanna let anyone see me with pinkish red dotty face!
That's gross.

The venue on Saturday's celebration is being changed to hotel !
Im celebrating my birthday with sis again.
We've been celebrating tgt for years. :)
We've seen each other grown for 8 years.
Im going to be 16 on 16th, she's goin to be 16 on 15th.
Ok, there's nothing to be proud of,
cos 16 is still very young!
Im waiting to be 18 ! :)

39 days to O lvls.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well, there's nothing pleasant for me to blog anyway.
Got back few of my papers.
Shall tell you guys the results soon. Latest might be friday.
I wonder why, my languages {eng & chinese} are always cmi -.-
Couldnt understand why i cant get a fucking high marks for that both subjects? { Not even C5 or B4 }
That is terrible / horrible.
no matter how hard i tried, even visualising my mistakes,
the results is still imperfect, kns.
41 days to the big O !
Awaiting for my long holiday now :)
Awaiting for my new blonde hair :)
I'll dye my hair after my last paper. 12nov, you wait for me!
I haven touched any books during the sept holidays.
And im rusting already.
how can ?!
Seen maths paper 1 and Phy paper 2.
Aint gonna flaunt it.
Hoping to know my complete results.
Im looking forward for my 16th birthday.
Hehe. :)

I've got a good piece of news to share with everyone !
Imma' goin dragonboating after my O LEVEL !
Don't jealous, cos this is arranged only for 404 ! Woo, this is great.
I cant wait for it, O lvl please come now, you ass.

xoxo ,
Winnie sending off a smile to everyone ! :D

Sunday, September 7, 2008

There's four playful winnie here, which will you choose?

Today is the last day of my last holiday, and i am still not satisfied!
I need a longer vacation, im not prepared to feel the stress of O lvls.
I still wanna play.

Oh well, Im real bored now.
I got my present from laiman just now.
Thank you laiman & simin! :D
Went to took a bus home just now, and guess what.
I met a weirdo.
This guy was around my age, ugly looking and overweight. While im walking up to a sit which was infront of him,
I can sense that he kept staring at me.
Dont know whatever for, but after one stop,
He stood up and came to sit beside me.
he thought he was skinny.
He kept looking. I almost wanted to dig his eyes out.
I ignored and continued sms-ing.
He reached his stop { which was before mine } , he stood up and I said 'sickening'.
He gave me a cheeky face. OMG, i feel like slapping him at that moment.
Sucha pervert. Furthermore he's just a teenager.

Watched 'The art of seduction' just now.
though i hate the female leading actress.
If you wanna watch, it's at crunchyroll.
I bet you guys will hate her if you watch it.
she has a slutty face. :)
No one is at home to prepare my dinner. :<
Had tibits and crackers as dinner.
How pathetic,
my hse is full of tibits, Im playing my part to clear them off.
Tata ~

& oh,
mr harold goh is now a father, his wife just delievered a baby boy.
He must be feeling happy now,
and our class will have much more exciting physics lessons now!
Mrs chua is going on labour soon, her child will be a baby girl.
and she'll be away ! >:
Congrats to both of my science teacher! -.-

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey , everything's fine between us. I hope we wont have another quarrels again.
We went IKEA together, and i got my princess net ! But when i reached home, i just realised i need to drill my ceiling, in order to hang that net.
Oh well, i gonna ask dad to drill it.
Watched my sassy girl @ Junction 8 a few days back.
The show was nice, but lack of many scenes compared to the korean version, Sassy girl .
The story was the same, but the korean version is way better, cause I cried like holyshit. Tap leaking.
You may think im insane, becos I've watched the show 2-3 times, and im still crying.
If you wanna watch, watch the original one. { Korean version }
The link's below. There are 4 parts.
If you find it blur, I could lend you my cd. I've got it at home.

Im happy to know that, laiman got me a newurbanmale shirt that i wanted!
YAY! I know she dotes on me, i love you. :D
I know what you guys could get for me already.
- Single sized bedsheet, maroon/hot pink in colour.
- Escada/Dior perfume collection.
- and I want roses ! Cos i love it. { Not those toy kind please. }

OR ,
you could make any food / cake for me.
Like those photos below. Hehe.
I know it's difficult. I know no one will make.
So, this is just for entertainment purpose.

Suie , Dhana & Xueling :
Although i cant help much, im not siding any one of you.

You can choose to stop the nightmare that is hunting you, by sorting everything out & stopping the misunderstanding among yourselves.
Just let everything go at once. Things might be better.
I hope you three will see this.
Takecare .

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