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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Adv: The Clementi Mall (I)

The Clementi Mall (TCM), owned by CM Domain/ SPH and NTUC, has 142 retail outlets and is opened in 2011.
Conveniently located next to the MRT and an escalator away from the Bus Interchange, and near Clementi Town, it is definitely a mall not to be missed!
TCM is also easily accessible by car via AYE or PIE!

Besides being located next to the Clementi Town, The Clementi Mall also enjoys a good catchment from West Coast and the Holland-Bukit Timah area, where key tertiary institutions such as National University of Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and SIM University are located.
It's a good central meeting point for diners/ shopping or meet-ups.

The Clementi Mall is positioned as a contemporary suburban mall catering to the lifestyle needs of nearby residents and working population. It is a popular destination to shop for daily necessities, fashion apparels and accessories, as well as all-day dining.

They have familiar household stores like Fairprice Finest, Popular Bookstore, Best Denki, Foodfare Foodcourt and also a Public Library! With a wide variety of established F&B Chain restaurants and the well-known brands of Charles & Keith, Cotton On, G2000men, Challenger, OSIM and more, they are definitely shopper's favourite!
Here are some are my favourite stores: Rubi shoes, Etude house, Thefaceshop, Younghearts, Eachacup etc!

I went to Clementi Mall on a weekday afternoon and this is crowd that I saw, although its a non peak hour! A mall that is in the heart of neighbor hood area is an advantage! I like the fact that the mrt is just less than a minute away from the mall, and guardian is the 1st store of the bridge that crosses to the MRT. It's so convenient for people that require any basic healthcare or essential stuff. And the starbucks is just opposite Cache Cache which makes waiting easier for anyone. If you are early for an appointment, you can just hang out at starbucks to get a drink while waiting for your friend! 

Walked around level 3 and I'm impressed. That level itself is attractive enough for shoppers like me! Many fashion & apparels can be found at this level. Other than clothes & bags, this level have a few stores selling ladies footwear. That is enough for my shopping! Woman can never have enough shoe.

Few shops that I went is Typo, Rubi, Young hearts & Famous Amos.
Sneak preview of my shopping experience which I will share them in my next post ! :-)

Overall I had a good time in The Clementi Mall and I'm so glad to be one of their shopper! :-)

Credits to The Clementi Mall, 

Zalora: New Look

Have you heard about Zalora yet?
It's one of a leading e-commerce online fashion destination in Asia! It's expanding so quickly that you won't even know that it was started in the late 2011! They have well established brands and today I will be sharing New Look with you.

Zalora sells some discounted items that are cheaper compared to the stores!
I used to be crazy over their heels because they have array of heels with really pretty designs!!!
I have a few new look heels at home and I admit they are really high. They seldom have short heels and even they do have, the designs are not as attractive as the really high ones. They have pumps on Zalora website too! It looks really comfy. hehe
P.S/ The heels from there are worth buying!

This maroon suede pump cost only sgd23.90 after 20%! 

Besides this, they sell female or menswear too.
You can find some essential wears for summer or even work! Some of them are in discounted price :-) 
Plus you get extra $10 OFF if you subscribe to Zalora's newsletter!
Good deal!! All you need is to enter ur email.

I love how chic the clothes look and yes you can't doubt it's quality.
They have much more pretty designs on their website and they are having up to 40% discount!

Other than female's shoes/bags/tops/dress, it's time for the men's to shop! Or rather, shop for your boyfriend!
They have plain and catchy shirts which I find it quite nice! This shirt is only going for $39.90 and it's under new arrival :)

"We always need new clothes to sustain fashion." 

 You might find something you like and remember to sign up for their newsletter to enjoy $10 OFF your purchase! :)


Welcome myself back to blogshop modeling. and yes I am very excited to be back to my comfort zone despite not being able to expose myself on blogshops for more than 2 yrs. hahaha (I did, a few times actually . lol)
Anyway today I'm glad to share www.thedesignclosets.com and I used to shop there! :-) I don't actively shop online anymore especially when I'm flying because I have no time.

I've gained  about 3kg in these 2.5 yrs of working..and I always wanted get rid of them but it's not easy!! :\ Kinda depressed at first but I think I'm immune to it la. hahaha 

Anyway I really love all the photos & the apparels!
This TDC manufactured dress is one of my pick! I can't decide between the magenta or white thus I chose the white one! 

I chose this abstract boxy top too cause the quality is really good and the design is really unique! :)

The trenchcoat that comes in 3 colors are really awesome for sg's rainy weather! Not too thick and the quality is assured. You can wear like you're in europe enjoying their spring (but fact is you are in sg) 
I didn't get this cause I have a number of trench coats at home! :P
I know it's hard to choose the colors out of the 3 cause I have difficulty choosing too haha. But the blue one definitely stands out.

Just hop on to their website for more! remember to hashtag them on instagram when you are wearing TDC's item! #tdcootd



Thursday, July 3, 2014
Country hopping

Some photos from different places.
This was in Frankfurt, during the spring season! Really love how the flowers bloom. It's taken right outside my hotel!
Saw rabbits jumping too but awww didn't manage to get a photo of it as they jumped away.

Camden market in London was an eye opener! Many interesting stuff for sale and yes I am loving london more. I love to take a stroll down somewhere where I can have my own time, looking at different cultures and yes most importantly no wifi or 3G when I am outside, cuz I get too dependent on networks when I get connected.

A bristish man I saw in Camden Market, so cute.

this was taken in Florence, after my trip to Pisa tower!
I really love Europe. Would wanna backpack there someday!

And this little blue house is famous in Perth, I'm finally there after so many Perth flights!!!

I have so much more to share!! Till then.

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