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Monday, February 16, 2015
CooperVision- Presbyopia

What is Presbyopia and how does it affect us? Presbyopia is often called 老花眼 in Chinese and it affects everyone when we pass a certain age. (Probably after 30-40)

Nobody loves presbyopia as the multifocal spectacle is often labelled as ugly and the lens are usually more reflective than the regular ones.
Imagine a pretty working lady or a good looking man (both in 30-40s) taking out their 老花眼镜 while reading or looking at their phone. How do you feel?
The first reaction would be - "omg he/she shouldn't wear the specs, it spoils the look!" Especially when the lady is in heels/makeup is wearing the reading glasses...
It just spoils the entire look.

You might ask - What causes it?
"Within our eyes, sitting right beneath the iris, rests the crystalline lens. It helps refract, or bend, light in our eyes and pass it to the retina. You can almost think of it as a camera lens that adjusts for focusing. As we get older, the crystalline lens loses its elasticity, worsening until you reach your early 60s. This prevents your eyes from focusing as well as they once did when you were younger."

An optimist told me before that 老花眼 contact lens is something that is hard to produce due to its complexity but thank god for the technology and R&D in this century now,
CooperVision came up with this brilliant idea to create contact lens for Presbyopia! 

Feeling amazed by the lens, they have free trials for people who have Presbyopia! Don't be afraid to try, help your parents or colleagues to sign up for the trial and you get free 5-day lens.
Today’s silicon hydrogel contacts are much more comfortable and can be worn longer than those from a decade or so ago.

Furthermore, it is a daily wear lens means that it is Fuss free! No more cleaning and you dont need a contact lens case + solution. So easy to bring around and u can simply chuck your spectacle aside.

Click here for the trial:  

Do share your experience when you have redeemed your trial lenses!:) 

Other than lens for presbyoia, they do have regular lens that have high moisture content that makes your eyes comfortabe even after 12hours of wearing! Your eyes will thank you for the hydration and the comfort.

Head over to their website to find out more information of their products and where are they available near your area.

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