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Sunday, December 21, 2014
Affordable skincare tips

People who knows me, knows I love taking care of my skin. But I'm no expert nor a person who does beauty reviews on products. Everyone have their own habit and their own skincare routines. I am just a person who takes care of my skin most of the time. And ironically I am not someone who is willing to spend thousands of dollars for facials and etc.
I find facials too expensive and I think other cheaper alternatives are great and works fine too, why spend the big amount on facials?

If you want to spend on something good for your skin, get a GOOD clarasonic and not those cheap kinds of clarasonic. I am using Hitachi Hadacrie and it is really a awesome product! Apparently my skin improved after using this clarsonic. :)
Read more here-  http://blog.omy.sg/hitachi-hadacrie/category/winnie/

I admit I do have good genes too, thanks to my mum... I do have pimples on certain days and I do have a few permanent black spots which I got them during my school days.. This is why sunblock is very important!!!!!
with no proper care, ur good genes and good skin will definitely look dull and with pimples overtime.

Other than the facial products that I used, I am going to share some of the really affordable skincare routines that I love and I really recommend them to everyone! I always share this tips with my friends around me and they will go 'really?!'
I must say that not everyone is suitable for 

1. Baking soda (not baking powder)
- I swear by this product, CHEAP YET EFFICIENT. Only cost $1+ ?!
No more pain and redness from squeezing ur blackheads anymore. I have been using this trick for more than a year!
It really helps to get rid about 80% of the blackheads on the nose and on the upper lip area. U will find ur skin smoother after 2 minutes. Use this method after cleansing your face! It works like magic. Lol
Take a pinch of the baking soda and add 1 or 2 drops of water to make it into a paste, start rubbing on ur nose and upper lips for a minute and rinse it off. You MIGHT feel a tingling sensation but it's normal!  

2. Drink 1 or 2 cups of tea everyday.
- I do this everyday without fail. Be it black or green tea. All kinds of tea will give u lots of anti oxidant.
If you are drinking green tea, please remember NOT to pour hot water directly on the green tea. Let the green tea bag soak into a room temp water for few seconds before adding hot water into the green tea. A box of tea don't cost much:) you can get cheap green teas from Daiso or even Supermarket.

3. Eat aloe Vera at least 2 times a week.
- This is optional but I am doing it weekly. You can see the results over few months. Slow but really effective! I don't really buy tub of Aloe Vera to eat, but I order them as a topping on my bubble tea. :)
I don't deny that Bubble tea is fattening but i think people here drink bubble tea often! So it's okay. :p

4. Egg white mask
- some people think eggs are smelly. The smelly one is the yolk! Yucks I hate egg yolks. Hahaha
Egg white mask is good for firming! I used to put them 3 times a week for a slimmer looking face but I am really lazy now. Haha it also gives a subtle brightening effect on the face. 
Use them on ur cheek/ jaw and double chin area and leave it for 15 minutes. (It acts like a clay mask) It will dry up and tighten ur skin so try not to talk when u are putting on this mask! 
Eggs are inexpensive and u can keep the egg whites in a sealed cup for up to 3 days! U can use it for 3 days consecutively:-)

5. Plain yoghurt mask
- this is awesome to achieve softer skin!! It might be a hassle to do this mask bcuz it can be watery and drippy. But if u intend to lie down for a good 10 minutes, you can try this!

6. Massage your skin
- please massage ur skin when u are applying ur moisturizer or toner! You can go YouTube to see how beauty junkies normally massage their skin. It gives a radiant and glowly skin because the blood circulates when you massage. I love massage, be it on my face, body or leg. Hehe

- this is a die die product that I have to use EVERYDAY.
Sunblock is sooo important in my life that I really protect my skin with spf50++ sunblock.
Sunrays are really harmful for skin, so please don't try going bare under the sun without sunblock everyday.
Unless u are a guy which I think they don't even bother using sunblock... Lol

Other than those tips that I shared, 

I love laneige skincare and 70% of the products below are from laneige :P
I like Asian brands because I think that the skincare they produce are more suitable for Asian skin.
All my products are from Korea, except my toner and sunblock! (they are from Japan)
I have been using BIORE sunblock all these years and I really love them! Cheap n good. What else? :)

This is not an advertorial but a sharing post on how you should take care of your skin! :-)
hope u girls enjoy reading!

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