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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Family photo , :D
Bought this belly stud, i cant wear this dangling type of stud because of my thin skin, but i still bought i find it nice ! I only can wear for a few days. D:

This necklace was a gift from my two lovely friends. They bought for me when i was feeling unhappy last week, thanks!
I love to receive presents yea . :D

Head to tm > giant today , had great fun bullying . SLOPEEEEEEE! :D
Oh , i miss my boyfriend. I haven seen him for a week already ): Going to meet him on tuesday.
I've been slacking for weeks . I felt so lazy , arrghhhhh .
My viwawa is still a noob, level 1 ! -_-" LOL.


Hello readers!
I've been quite busy recently , making me so tired .
Cultural night on friday was superb, thanks to those who bought e ticket and came to support me & my friends.
Great thanks ! :D I can say that im quite nervous to say the speech as i saw many familiar faces. =\
After everything ended at 10+ , ate the buffet for supper. :D Cos was feeling very hungry.
One more performance to go , 18April , & i'll graduate from dance. YAY!
Yesterday, went pasir ris park ride bike + dinner at Hong Kong cafe:D
Then watched night movie, orphanage with daddy & cassandra.
The show is NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE + SCARY ! Two thumbs up, must go watch. ^^
I have a photo of my chinese dance below this post,

This is my chinese dance group :D A bunch of bananas ! HAHAHA .

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Look at the red dot on my tummy , it's my previous piercing scar & that will never leave. ): Its very ugly i know.

YA , yesterday our class was ransacked when we're back from lab. Many people lost their money. Despicable people ! Hope you die while u're fucking man.
Those people who climbed into our class windows are morons/idiots(no wonder so stupid), fancy leaving behind their footsteps on my friend's FOOLSCAP PAPER!
Shall not continue scolding. Guys, better remb NOT to leave your belongings in class for scumbags to steal.
Tmr im going to NgeeAnn Poly for excursion after school ! :D
Friday is our cultural night at Singapore Poly & its xueling's birthday!
Feeling quite sucky as cultural night is near, cos dancers will be performing & most of my friends are coming.
My goodness , this doesnt feel good okay. My friends are aiming at me, wanting to take photo with me on that day!
I think i'll run away when i see cameras . HAHA .
& i'll be MIA this weekend.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bought chocolate eggs for my classmates , intending to throw at them tmr. Lol.
Shall not blog much for today, thanks laiman & aloy for the accompany today, & daddy for yesterday.
& thanks for the SK necklace ,
Im feeling unhappy again, i hate staying at home seriously. My family is tearing apart soon .
Not my family , my friends too . I wanna be like before. I bet no one knows how i feel now.
I shall stop here . Goodbye readers.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

passer : i got another software, not photoshop de.
passer : yea , quite true .
sockyuan : under construction my dear :D Hahaa.
someone : Links got problem .
hongling : yup , meet up soon ! :D Loveee .
Songhan : haha, remb to update your blog often uh ! :D Then u got hope of becoming a FAMOUS BLOGGER alr ! haha.

A lot more photos :D But lazy to upload more , was having mood swing when i was out in the afternoon yesterday.
Cant blame me, it's girls behaviour. Watched movie with boyfriend ytdy, semi-pro. & watched rule#1 last week.
Was my dad birthday today & my grandma's ytdy.
Realised that people love to view my blog w/o leaving good tags uh . HOW CAN! :S

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grandma came over to look after me, she cook a lot of my favourite dishes, forgetting that im sick ! HAHA.
Im aiming for 47 or 48kg ! (: Im not like those anorexic or bulimia people, fancy thinking that they are fat when they are not. Why so dumb?
& seriously, i look down on people who doesnt work, who always skip school, who plays lan/pool everytime & slacks the whole night outside with their friends , drinking+smoking. & claims that they know a lot of friends. Bullshitting here & there.

Yes, I LOOK DOWN ON YOU. & I have a handful of friends belongs to this type. They simply sucks, scolding bad words here & there , thinking they are great. LIFELESS KIDS .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She is cassandra :D My bestest classmate ever ! We've been through thick & thin together from sec 1 till now & we havent been quarrelling ! :D Love you !
Bare with my zilian photos taken weeks back !

Hey, guess what . Im finally falling sick! :D Hahah , got MC for tmr. Like finally! :D Got fever, flu & throat infection .
Been telling cassandra that i wanna be sick the past few days . Yeah i know im crazy . =\
Had 8 free periods in school today, excluding my recess & lunch . Shiok . :D
Tata ~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woohoo ! Had my naval repierced ! :D
Paid $75 this time, was very satisfied with it. Very pleased ! (:
The person told me , my previous hole had not fully close so if he pierce the second time, will be much painful . =\
At last was alright , no blood ! :D Can sit & most importantly, can dance !
He asked me to be extra careful this time .
So people , when urs is getting thinner , please take it out, dun be stubborn to let it tear & please forget abt your money dont be selfish to your body .
Baobao ! :D 2 VS 1 liaoo ! :D
& yeah talked about my results , 3 of my subjects, just passed , 50/100.
Tell me pass jiu ok ? Nah , i dun think so . Its so sucky. =\
I feel like falling sick now, yes i feel like blowing the fan directly to my face for a few hours.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I hate rainy days , making me feel so irritated, bringing an umbrella out. Stayed at home today & boyfriend came over. Head to studio wu after that, its so cold there. Sorry, didnt go rounding with aloy & laiman. ):
I wanna be 18 fast , i want to 'guang ming zhen da' to go in clubs ! Seriously i hate going underage parties, its always packed with people. ): & i wanna have a car lisence.
& ya , im still not yet 16 { bday not yet over } ! Bloody hell man, i feel so small. ): ):

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thanks so much to huiting & cassandra for helping me out with the painting . :D
Greatly appreciated !


After MT oral ytdy -> home -> head to cityhall meet my boyfriend. Today is our 4th month anniversary ! :D & i actually forgot . ): Sorrysorry* Walked around, 5plus we went serperate ways. I went to find michelle & co, as it was her birthday . Went to newyork newyork -> MarinaSq. Then i went off to meet my boyfriend, lene, charmaine & co at TiongBahru. Cabbed down, freaking lots of ppl. Took e guestlist ticket & went in alone around 10plus & meet them again later on. The dance starts at 12+, danced on e table with charmaine first then jiaxin . feeling was great , as we can see people dancing below us. :D Its so damn packed & hot, plus my heels are killing me. Went off around 2plus , which makes my mood totally changed as i was very tired. Lastly, cabbed home with lene. :D

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