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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey yo dudes, busy recently,
Studying? Yes, did revise on weekdays with my friends.
Weekend, no, only had my tuition.
I'm a good girl now, started my tuition already.
& ya, the O lvl mt oral is scary. I had my tongue-twisted/staggered, or whatever you call it.
I can say that the conversation is easy, but i did it badly.
Yeah, i do have malaysian ascent now. Cause many people say so.
Please for goodness sake, i'm not a malaysian.
Ok, i'm off to do something now. Lots to things to do now.
Andy , guigui , glovor daddy & my mum's birthday coming up!
Daddy, no more stranger k ! & I'm
Gonna treat my family + grandparents on sunday to dinner. {I hope i wont go broke.}

Any ladies need part-time job?
- Chinese / English speaking.
- 16 & above.
- Able to work at harbourfront, novena & hougang area.
- medium/long hair length.
- Able to speak alot/ social interaction.
- Working in accessories shop.
Interested? Email me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guys, i'm currently looking for costumes for my upcoming project { heritage } ,
Qipao{chinese}, malay/indian/eurasian costume !
Any kind soul could lend?
Inform me if you could, surely i'll love you to bits.

Blogging has become a drug for me,
i'm trying to kick of this habit now, as prelims / O's are coming.
I really feel like doing well, going into the course which i can choose any-o-how.
Only 1 and half months left to prepare & 2 days more to my chinese o lvl oral.
I've been a good girl for this few days, almost completing my physics TYS.
I'm loving physics more & more, but my results for physics still sucks somehow.
I don't have the urge to study other subjects, yet i couldn't bare to flunk it.
Trying to be missing for few days to study, but computer & television are tempting me.
Guys, don't ever ask me out.
I gonna be busy working on weekends. Well, i'm going to be a girl who supports myself.
None is feeding me, i felt neglected by my parents though.

Oh ya, don't say I'm so dao in school or whatever,
cause I'm not! Just don't have the habit of smiling to other schoolmates in school.{ not my classmates }
Anyway, im going off to stop this habit of touching keyboard,
cause i'm going to be a good girl,
touching books instead of keyboard. I'm going to buck up on my science.
Trying to MIA, so readers be more understanding if i didnt blog yea, love you guys. :D
Hope you all still will come to visit my blog to prevent it from becoming a corpse.
Okay, fuck it. Going to stop here. Bye lovely.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey yo, i'm selling christan dior lipstick @ $22.90 each.
Cheap deal you know. It's real, brand new & only left 3 colours.
I know youngsters doesn't put lipstick, but you could get for your mum.
Interested it in , email me at
I'll send you photos of it.

Trip to haji lane with daddy, we bought antique fan each.
Wanted to try sheesha, but didnt. =\
Then went back tampines , watch midnight show. 12.25am then start ! We waited like hell.
Watched get smart, nice show yo.
Was real tired while watching, i yawn about 20 times! Lol.
Then walked home, im so tired till i close my eyes from 201 & walked home !
I really did close. LOL.
& Of cos with guide of daddy, if not i'll be bang by the cars.

Ok , i know im scared of sunlight. Lol.

Jump jump jump ! :D

Sentosa trip ! We played captainball & monkey. Its very very fun there i swear :D
After sentosa, went back suie's place for steamboat / cut cake / calculate our life / jokes.
I enjoyed + double enjoyed !
So long since i enjoyed so much , yea everyone looked ugly because we're sweating.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a nice day today, where i cancelled my outing with laiman darling.
Anyway, i still meet her to eat today. Not forgetting lene, the crazy girl.
Before meeting them, i went over clark quay in the late morning to meet liping.
First step, done by one hairstylist trainee, she tied up my hair.
She only had 30mins, so the outcome is ......







TADA~ Chio bo ? LOL.

Then, the second step, was a make-up artist,
LIPING ! She got 1.5 hours to complete making-up my face.
Her theme is - bridal make-ups.
Firstly , trim eyebrown, then.....
She put a lot of cream on my face !
UV protection, make up base, pressed powder, concealer, liquid foundation etc.
After 30 mins of applying those cream / powder, { that is long }
she start to colour my eyes + eyebrown + cheecks + lip.
Okay , let you guys see the outcome....
Don't freak out.








Got difference or not much difference uh?

I wanna go party yo !


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{ Edited }
It's 5.30am now { should be wednesday already }, and i haven't sleep. Just back, too full to sleep, first time ever, daddy seeing me eating supper. =D
I need to leave home at 9.30am, so i'm wondering to sleep or not to sleep.
If i sleep, i cant wake up later on. ):

For now, no one is entertaining me, so i have to entertain myself for another 3-4hours.
Because.... I have decided not to sleep! I must stay awake yo.
Went out today. Searching high & low for suie's present !

It's the best present on earth, first time buying and doing this kind of present. I find it very stupid.
We failed to avoid her as she's at bugis too, all because we had too much fate.
I did something bad, by asking her to shoo -.-"
Yo, and i enjoyed my day i can say, & i've made many cool friends from NYP.

I'm going to be a make-up model for Liping on thurs morning for her practical exam at clarke quay ! ):
It'll going to be m
orning again. Omg, when can i ever get my beauty sleep ? =\
I've been drinking coffee everyday to stay awake .
Oh, might be tonning on friday, on suie's birthday.
Don't blame me if i didnt stay over. ): I need beauty sleep cause next week school is reopening.
Please don't ask me out on weekends unless im really bored.

I gonna slap whoever who force me to go out.

Desmond taught me abit of shuffle yesterday. { BASIC } I'm loving it man.

Cool cool cool, yo ! :D love to see guys dance esp malays.
I know it's a man's dance, who says girls cant learn! Only thing, I'm a bit slow in learning.
I got the steps correct, but i dance as if i got my leg twisted, LOL.
Nvm, i shall learn slowly. Shall ask arif to teach me in school !
Running man seems easy yo, tried twice. Next i'm trying locking / robot dance !
I might not love music, but i wanna try to play percussion! I know my hands will break if i played too hard.
Better pray hard that i'll win soccer bet today, $20 with my dad!
He bets on France & Holland while i bet on Italy & Romania.
I also dun know which country play better, so i just bet opposite of what he bet. LOL!
Daddy lost bet yesterday, but my dad wins bet !
Sorry daddy yo. Cause u ain't in my area !
In case u dun know which is which, daddy - glovor, dad - my real father.
I'm feeling gay today ! :D I'm going to get high afterwards!
Okay, look at my cute sister. HAHA.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just realise that my fonts used for previous posts are so small,
so i'm going to enlarge it !
Cause i'm a bit pa jiao you know, very exhausting to read small fonts.
and the space occupied is small ! So i don't like. Okay, weird me.
Was bloghopping and read xiaxue's blog yesterday .
Paris Hilton needs a BFF, xiaxue needs a BFF too. I need a BFF too yo!
BFF : Best friend forever.
I need one who's character is very alike to me.
Love to dance, sing, shop, dolls up, gossip, cam-whore & can stay out late !
Well, precisely everyone needs one too.
Friends around me are constantly changing, don't know why either.
I guessed yours too.
But i love all my friends now ! Heheh .
When i graduate and enter another school next year, i'm going to have new friends again!
I cant bear to leave my classmates .
Okay, i'm down with luck. Woke up in the morning with sore throat. RAR.
I'ven given my luck to glo daddy, for his soccer bet.
Better dote me more yo. HAHAH :X
Yesterday was father's day, didnt celebrate at all.
Went out with laiman instead.
YES, i bought my shoe finally ! Searching for so long, as the shop always doesnt have my size.
Thanks to someone who kept cursing me.

Hey yo, in case people are asking me for infomation on scar cream that i bought,
I'm using the brand called Mederma which i bought at guardian.
Priced at $30-$40, forgotten the exact. The cream is transparent white in colour.
I'm using this tube of mederma, click on the web to view.
Gently rub on the scar 3 to 4 times per day for
8 weeks on new scars,
3 to 6 months on existing scars.
Scar cant be disappear, but it smoothens till you can hardly see it.
Apply only when your wound have close.
I don't know if it really works, cause i only use it for 1 week , then i'm lazy to apply.
Click the website below to see the results. ( It's the same cream. )
Yeah, it seems good uh? Why not try and your ugly scar will go away ! (:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hey yo, more photos uploaded.
I'm quite busy this few days, doing odd things .
Ah , i'm missing my close people.
& miss the craps i had with my classmates. Weee, im seeing them next week on suie's birthday! :D :D
My mummy's and glovor daddy's birthday is coming soon too ! Their birthday falls on same date, cool uh.
I must think of something bad bad bad to sabo suie & daddy. Heheh.
MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING TOO ! :X LOL! 70 days after my daddy's birthday ):
I think my birthday will be a boring one ( as usual ), cos it's during my coaching period, &
it might affect my mood, cause need to stay back till late. RAR. ):
I need another long vacation. June holiday is ending soon. ):
Prelims are coming, i haven't play enough !
I have to wake up early in the morning again tmr ! =\
Pity me man.
TATA . ~

Friday, June 13, 2008

Photoshoots @ C.Q
I find this shoots much better. (:
Went back school to chat today, lame right ! I woke up at 9am, suppose to meet Mr goh,
but he forgot our date ! ):
Aw, i woke up so early for nothing.
I wanna learn to play drum ! tatidumdum~ :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

passerby : Bugis topshop.
psser*** : I dun know. Lol.
baobao : yay, good :D
Amanda : haha. Where's your sch?
sockyuan : Surpassing ! Come drop by ! :D
del : No more links !
- : Lol, thanks.
Hongling : I dun think i going ): Sorry ! Work work work ~

RAR . Last call, can everyone see my post?
I'm sick of changing skin ! The skin i choose has always the same layout because i want it simple ~
Please say that you can see -.-
Out to butterfactory yesterday, with my two tall ladies & zhiwei.
I'm so tall already yet im the shortest there ! -.-
I hate butterfactory, the dancefloor is so small la~ SMALLER THAN DXO !
Suck suck suck.
Okay, fun night with them, but one went off early. ):
After that cab off with xx, jason & his friend. Went sch opposite, find daddy.
Slack , then went home at 4am.
I cant upload any photos now ! >:(
Any kind souls can help me do my homework please ! I'm lazy to touch ):

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello, lovely readers ! Apologise for the previous post, cos i'm really very bored so i'm crapping to myself-.-
HAHA, i read & i felt like slapping myself too .
I got tons of homework to do. I haven touched any when i intend to do it yesterday. ):
Yay , i'm going out with my mum later.
Mum cant stand my softtoys on the sofa, me either.
They're occupying all of my sofa's space, no space to sit! RAR
Meanwhile, enjoy my childhood photos.
Tags replied below.

I know i looked retarded. LOL.

LOL, im stucking my thumb & my brother carried me & he cried !
My eyes are huge man ! :X

Heh, i love this photo. :D


passer-by : Brand- Mederma.
psser*** : Nope, this is new skin code. Colour - brown. (:
lala : Bought at Prettypals.
amanda : yea, also can wake up late :X
Limin: Sure, so sorry ya, ): I'll confirm with you again. Love you!
Kelly : its okay. (: Hm, terms & conditions i didnt really read, just try sign up?
songhan : LOL, boring ma, no choice.
=) : Lol, nice pay ya, but i'm not interested in bikini shoots, sorry.
weiling : haha, buy ticket & go ?
chenpei : Lol, yea, too bored ! =\
anonymous : Yea, very touching right ! I also cried alot, lol. Okay, will go watch ! :D thanks.
sockyuan : HAHA, sat at harbourfront, friday night at hougang point. My lunch at shop eat one leh ! ): You drop by lo. :D haha, i know you wont kill me! :X
Glovor : Too bored la. LOL, today your turn STAY AT HOME ! See my baby photos cute right :X
manfred : hello (:
LINQ : Ha, thanks. Hm, nowadays quite busy ): i'll let you know okay. take care! :D

Monday, June 9, 2008

I look fat here here here ! ):
My prince baby ! :D Hah, nah joking .
This baby in photo is cute right , but now ______. ):

During work time, i know i wore those apron suck. Lol .

Oh god, changed this skin because i got some complains that some people still cant see my post.
Well, can you guys see now? If not try mozilla, but there's no song playing in mozilla.
Better appreciate it, because i haven got beauty sleep for many days & im coming to change skin & blog. :D
Been busy & tired for days, never had a nice sleep yet nor had a chance to on the computer, drinking coffee everyday.
Waking up on 7.30am on friday, 8.30am on sat, 6.30am on sunday.
& coming home late night, sleeping at midnight.
Okay, i miss my craps with my classmates. Come come crap with me, im so tired + boring everyday!
Thurs, friday & sat i'm working at sur man. RAR .
Saw bibi taking tfcd while photo shooting, so surprise to see her.
Sunday's shoot rocks man. After that, treated daddy for lunch ! :D
Jogging with daddy is torturing la ! Omg, who wanna go on diet, try jogging with him.
I bet he can make you lose thousands of calories. LOL.
Oh ya, i got myself a private beautician for just one day! :D All she do is, teach me makeups & how to maintain my skin, learnt a lot about make ups.
Yea, lazy to put make ups when i go out, so its always simple.
Might try going be beautician when grow up. :D
Heh , i'm going off to have beauty sleep now. Tata ~

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