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Friday, February 28, 2014
Hongkong | San Fransico | Other random updates

Did a hongkong - San Fran Flight on Janurary and I'm so excited about it! It's been a year since I last did this flight.
Was happy because I can meet Serene in SF!!! ^^
She is excited too, because she finally have an asian friend in SF!!! hahaa

 Went over to Australia Dairy in HK to try out their popular breakfast set. Not too bad I guess. Long queue as expected but the queue was fast!!!!
Went with 2 other colleagues! :) AND when we're inside we know why the queue runs so fast.
The service is BLEH, they simply rush u from the moment u seat till u finish ur food..

Shopping was next but didnt buy alot cause I knew I'm coming back HK.

While I'm in SF, Serene drove me around.......and I stayed over at her place for a night!
Her place is exactly like her name, so serene.
I love it hehehe

This place is in Los Gatos. So beautiful!!

Ok, I'm lazy to upload the rest of the photos but u can see them from my FB or instagram! :)


Did a shoot with www.thebareedit.com and I simply love their stuff. From comfy to affordable.

Just visit them to see more!!!


Other random updates:

- Taken while in Zurich :))
Hope my dear pearl is feeling better! XX

-Went tiramisu hero with bf on Vday! Tried their matcha tiramisu. I love everything matcha! hehe :)

-Matcha Latte from Choke Full of Beans. I really love their latte art.
Too cute to resist!!

- Was supposed to go pulau ubin to cycle but dear me.......I've got a serious sleeping problem
Jetlagged + Insomnia. Didnt sleep well so we cancelled our trip to Ubin :( Went East coast in the evening instead. lol

I love the superdry couple tee that we're wearing! Bought it from London ^^

ok, thats all! Few more photos below before I end this post!



Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another london flight but it's a flight with 2 batch girls ^^ not a lonely London this time round.
Supposed to go for a tour at stonehedge but we didn't and the tour to Warner bros was full. :-(

We went to have lunch at Shake Shack at Covent Gardens ( I knw ppl eats it in NYC..lol). My first time having and I find it quite expensive! $18 for a small burger but it's yummy:)

The floating man in london. 

And the floating silver lady.

Val and clanna! My two closest and sweetest batchgirls!

The legendary shake shack in NYC. Why sg don't have?!

They even have food for dogs! Look at the bottom right of the menu.. Lol

Fried Mushroom with beef patty and cheese fries! Yuma

Decided to watch a play that night, and we watched Phantom of the Opera! My 2nd time watching but 1st time watching it overseas! 1st time was in RWS... 

We were quite late and most of the seats were sold, so we bought the seats which cost sgd$110.
Not a fantastic seat either :/
Anyway the play was great! Would love to watch Matilda next:))

Waiting for my next London! Would love to visit Warner Bros or Cotswold!! 

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Friday, February 21, 2014
Photoshoot in Zurich

It was my first time doing a photoshoot overseas. 
This was in Zurich and we went Lake Zurich. Thankful for having another 2 partners along.:)

I never thought I would do one since all the photographers that I knew were only in singapore. Glad I met one on my flight and I was so impressed at the finished product.
This is my first time shooting without smiling AT ALL. And I love how I look. Soft/ gentle and demure... (Ok that's me) lolol jk!

It was a whooping of 4-5 degrees and I was feeling cold. But it was an experience! The breeze was so gentle and the sun was soft yet gloomy. 

Of course, it takes two hands to clap. The photo wouldn't be perfect without a good photographer, or a good camera. It would just look normal and dull.

I love this photo a lot! 

That morning was a little gloomy but I'm glad the photo wasn't affected!
Even at 1pm, the sun wasn't harsh at all. :-)

It would be better if I am more lively with my actions. Ok time to improve!! I've been lagging behind. Hahaha I would love to have more shoots with him in the future!

If you like all these photos, you can follow @glenn_lim on instagram!
He is my photographer, and I really like his work!
Do approach him if you would like ur photos to be taken, be it solo or couples.


Thursday, February 6, 2014
Cheongsam Shoot with FaithMoments

 Happy lunar new year everyone! I was invited by Faith Moments Photography to do a cheongsam shoot at her home studio, before CNY. It's my 3rd time doing a cheongsam shoot but my first time wearing a cheongsam in a studio so I'm rather excited! I love studio shoots.

Her studio room is so cosy and FULL of props! Many interesting props u would definitely be interested in.
CNY means orange & angbaos right?

But she added some flowers and even prepare a number of wigs to let me try on!
She has bob, long curly and different shades of hair color of the wigs.

Tried one of the wig! How does it look? hahaha We had lots of fun shooting.
Changed to another cheongsam (both provided by her) and I love how pretty the cheongsam is! he

After the shoot, I look at the photos and feel that all the pictures are perfect! Don't even have to edit anything. The lighting/colors/composure are already set in the photo.
Celestia made the environment comfortable enough so I won't feel uneasy. Everything is done so smoothly. :)
Would love to have another shoot with her!

If you are keen to have a shoot with her, you can visit her FB page at FaithMomentsPhotography.
Contact her directly for more details :)

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