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Friday, August 8, 2014
The Clementi Mall (II) - My shopping experience

Let me share my shopping experience with you in The Clementi Mall, and I went with my one of my favourite girl along, peijuan!
The 1st shop we went is Rubi Shoes and if you know me well,
I have many many pairs of shoes at home. :P
Some calls me a caterpillar but opps. I have this bad habit of buying shoes but will always wear the same pair when I'm out. -_-" hahaha
That's why I am always looking out for a comfortable pair of shoes/sandals/wedges, as long as it's not stilettos.

I got myself 2 pairs of sandals here, and sis got herself 2 pairs too! Of cause I 'paid' for it because she is here to accompany me! Tried a couple of shoes and finally settled with 2 pairs! 
The shop is situation very conveniently next to the escalator! :P
haha and within that level 3 itself, they have a couple of shoe stores like Mimosa, Charles & Keith. You can hop around to find your perfect footwer!

Trying on their shoes and shades in RUBI.

The 2nd shop I went to is Young hearts. I got myself a lingerie and it's my childhood lingerie brand! hehe
Didn't really snap photos here, so only a photo of me paying for my items! :-)

The 3rd shop is Typo, also at level 3 of TCM.
I think I done most of my shoppings at level 3! opps. hehehe 
BHG is also at level 3 and I saw sales today! 

For Typo, it's quite affordable & they have many pretty stuff that can instantly beautify your place. It attracts people from pri school to working adults! Maybe not my parent's age. haha
 Oh, they can buy for me maybe :P
I bought notebooks and by just looking at the rest of the items, I wanna get everything. 

Bought 3 pastel colored notebooks, 1 for sis and 2 for myself.
I'm starting school soon. :( So I need those for jotting down notes!!
Probably it will lit up my mood when I flip the notebook. hehe

I roamed around other shops, had lunch there & bought famous Amos cookies to munch.
After walking around, I found myself in Charles & Keith! I bought a pair of wedges for my pretty feet. They are having sales too!!!!! Terrible. I wonder how much shoes do I need. haha
wanted to get other stuff like bags or accessories BUT.. I can't control :P

After shopping, the weather decided to rain. Fret not, the mall has shelter to bus stops, mrt or the bus stop opposite the mall.
They are all linked and I'm thankful that I'm not drenched while walking to the bus stop opposite TCM! I didn't know there are so many buses that goes to TCM or rather, Clementi MRT. We took bus 106 to Orchard and it's so accessible! I don't even have to change MRT at Cityhall. ;)

Overall, I love shopping there! It's so convenient & students who have long breaks can go TCM for a walk or even dine at the restaurants there! If you need a snack to bring to your lectures, don't forget there's Fairprice Finest, Famous Amos or Each a Cup!

Anyway, here are some of the loots I got from The Clementi Mall. Really happy with the loots I got from TCM! :)

Credits: http://www.theclementimall.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theclementimall

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
California, Im coming!

Currently in California! Can't wait to post about my journey after my  last day of work! ♡

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Vintage Studio @ Bedok Point

A trip down to Vintage Studio one day before my holiday, because I want to have a pretty hair for my long holiday!
I chose to dye my hair because I always wanted a light colored hair but due to work constraints, I can't. Now I can! Hehe

Was invited to the outlet in Bedok Point. It's nearer to my place rather than the usual outlet I usually goes to -Bugis Plus!
I kinda like the outlet in Bedok Point, because the salon itself is so conducive! The environment is peaceful and relaxing, you don't even feel like you're in a hair salon. More like a place for spa.
and they just expanded their salon! Congrats to Vintage Studio:)

As usual, I was warming greeted and was offered drinks plus a mini snack. I like this concept because not much salons offer drinks to customers!
And the head massage is really good. You will feel the need for massage when you have a full day ahead or when you are tired, to boost your energy level.

While waiting for my hair stylist, Vaness. 

I wanted to dye a soft brown color without it to be looking like gold or yellow, so he is really nice enough to offer me a range of colors that I might like, and also mix some colors by himself. 

The interior and environment of the shop. You see it for urself, it's so comfortable! With two massage chairs in the middle of the shop, you can relax your body while waiting for your hair to penetrate the chemicals or treatment.

On the other side, they do have a range of products targeted for different hair or scalp needs. If you are keen, they can do a free scan for your scalp! 

So nice of Vaness to play a movie for me to watch. After few hours, I'm done with my hair! Love the color :-) hehe

Credits to www.Vintagestudio.com.sg

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