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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Please re-do the survey, it's the new link!

This time the results shown must be shown to Mr Ee !
So please, do it. We need maximum response ! So, students from graduating class,

This is how i always disturb him with my bun.
He dont like to take photos with me.
So he gave that unglam look. HAHA.

Come , lets go shopping ! Hehe.
A day out with him, is always a day where i spent my time walking.
Only some knows what i mean. :D
Our walking stations were Chinatown > Clark quay > Esplanade > Clark quay.
Ate, stop and walk . I love the dessert hut still , my favourite place for dessert ! :D

Yeah, i know where is gotham penthouse finally! The place seems cool.

Those are breads/buns! So cute, with so many designs.

Went back to primary school :

They are my P6 classmates.

Celebrations in class :

Happy teacher's day to all ! :D
Seriously, i hate people with their self esteem as high as Burj Dubai in Duba.
So sickening. How i wish that i could give you a tight slap.
I think my life would be even better if i dont know you.
& ya,
spammers, I really feel like laughing. You spammed me once is enough.
But you went around ppl's blog and spam the same thing again.
I went bloghopping and i saw it.
I feel like calling you stupid, i feel like bringing you to consult a doctor and i feel like sending you off to metta school.
Are you seriously alright?
And will you feel like your life will change better if you go around to spam people?
Dream on. You've such a timid character.
And i wanna warn you, better not mess with the wrong people outside.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have difficulties asking people out today. Becos everyone was either in school or at their workplace ! -.-
At last, its good to know that im not staying at home the whole day.
I think i'll have muscle ache from head to toe tmr.
I've travelled a long distance with bicycle, from tampines to east coast park then back to tampines with my classmates.
Although it seems awesome travelling so far for the first time, that is super tiring !
Tmr is teacher's day celebration. Hope it'll be fun in school. We are going to throw a party in class!
Prepared many stuffs for tmr.
& Im going to bring a very big bag of presents to school tmr ! Aww . ):

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey , people from East View secondary school , sec 4 and 5s {graduating classes},
please do this survey if you want prom night.
Im looking forward to it ! So pass on please, thanks dudes.

My prelims are finally over, holidays in two days time.
& I have no school tmr ! Haha, but other classes do have. And I cant laugh at them,
becos my o lvls end later than them by 1 day.
Ah, so what.
I have no comments on my prelims & I didnt burn midnight oil this time.
I don't think im serious about prelims at all.
Whatever, marks are my greatest concern.
Im wanna change my hair style after O lvl, dye whole hair blonde/brown + perm !
Well, after my last paper today, went home to change.
Head to tm to catch the earliest show with glovor, watched 12lotus. those seats at Golden Village really makes my butt feel that there's hundreds of needle pricking at it.
So painful la ! =\
After that i train down to bugis alone. Becos no one is free to accompany me ! ):
Shopping alone at bugis, can you imagine that. Im doing this for the first time. { other than tm }
That feeling is horrible becos people kept staring and there's no one you can talk to.
But when there's no one to wait for you, to comment on the things you want to buy, the feeling is great.
I spent $170+ in total, {dont even know why i spent so much}.
Spent half of it on presents & there goes my money. Well, nevermind.
Mum bought me a long skirt, Lol. I have no idea what will i look like with a long skirt-.-
AH , I want $1million right now. Yes, now. Hehe. :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Started my great day today with a great breakfast, done by JQ.
I ate 3 pieces of ham + 3 pieces of bread , followed by 3 siew mai !
Was damn full now. The magic course was superb / cool / amazing.
Heh. Anyone come make me , you die. Including those people whom i dont know.
Cos im turning to be a witch, with own voth globe at home. Casting a spell to everyone who hates me.
My prelims are ending soon which means O lvl is coming soon.
BQ on sat, pool on sat.
Sorry JQ, i cant go over to st james. Cos im not supposed to club till 18.
& ONE GOOD NEWS. JQ got her driving license !
She's buying a car next week, that means, im going to sit on her car soon !
Yesterday was isabella's bbq. We girls went over to tm then pasir ris.
Happy 17th birthday dear.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey yo, done with 7 papers already, left with 5 papers to go. Stay tense, guys!
Relieved that days are passing real fast, which means end of year soon.
I'm longing for my very last paper, which was on 12 nov.
& Im going back sur to work a few days after my last paper. Oh well, i rather stay to tend shop than going back to school.
Good news. Im going to attend one Forbidden magic course tmr morning. JQ is bringing me along and paying for my fees. { including cab fare }
She's like some rich girl, whom doesnt know how to save her money.
However, im not exposing the details of the whereabouts and how is is going to be like, cause i'm told to keep my mouth shut.
I can ask for you if you really want to attend, but there's terms & condition.
It's something about black magic :
The basic argument by many about the difference between black magic and white magic is that black magic goes against the laws of nature by manipulating and changing the energies around someone forcefully (lets say for example on a particular target for a lust or love spell on a particular target).
Forceful influencing is thus frowned upon. This is a flawed reasoning on the concept of Black magic since one way or another forceful influencing is going on in all aspects of our life. On the other hand, black magic derives its power from the Moon, like using a futuristic laser weapon in that it focuses the intense power of the sun and directs it for a specific purpose.

& most importantly i can curse whoever i want. Including those whom i might not know, hehe.

This was taken in my second paid photoshoot & I know the first picture doesnt look like me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got a feeling that i wont do well in my prelims. So far some papers seems like a killer to me, but still ok to my friends.
So im not sure , if im going to get good results or vice versa.
I haven been sleeping well for a week . Lied on my bed on 11pm, but i only could fall asleep at 1am or 2am. I need some sleeping pills.
& I have difficulties breathing nowadays. My heartbeat either skip a beat or thump faster than normal. ):
Problems kept coming. How am i supposed to study well ? Espically when you got a home like mine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Laughing stock.

Hello my lovely spammer,
Do you know that u are freaking lame? Scolding my friends by using my name, telling them that they betray me. Any idiot who thinks that's me is so stupid.
You are making me laughing like shit.
Firstly, you type chanxinyi, when my friend's name is chenxinyi NOT chan. Plus, she is not very close to me, so for what fuck will she betray me when i didn't talk to her in my life for more than 15 sentences. She's just my normal friend in school.
Secondly, dino will know that that's not me, cos he know that i won't do those lame things. And for what fuck will i ever join a gang? Might as well i go join police force.
Plus, I don't find any reason for my friends to betray me.
Thirdly, if you keep repeating that u're the real winnie, will people think that that's you? Is your recorder spoiled? Or you're not happy that no one fucks you? Or you need someone to fuck you before you feel the kick?
Forthly, i wont ask people to leave their ass off my blog when they're my friends.
I will only ask people like you, with brain of a size of peanut to fuck off.
& why not you leave your bloody ass off yourself?
Fifthly, dont you have any names? Want me to name you doggy?
Or did anyone bully you? Poor kid, must be feeling very irritated cos no one to help you,
thus coming to my blog to vent your anger on my tagboard by scolding.
Aww , need some help ?
Lastly, i am still a virgin, i dont need some old man or young man to fuck me. So you're calling a wrong person a chick. I know you need one to fuck you. Why not head down to gelyang? I bet even if you put yourself under as free gift, no one would ever want you. And remember if you wanna inter course, ask that unlucky guy to put on 100% safe condom before you pass him the uncurable HIV.
Anyway , if you feel shiok by spamming, i welcome you. Do spam more if you want. Or you could help me reply my tags.
Happy spamming, and I really must thank you for making me to mock at your typings, it's so damn funny + retard, Laughing stock.

Study time !
Happy chinese birthday to me.

Well, i still have a few more papers to go !
So tata ~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Marriages bring happiness once. It tends to be the most beautiful time on the day of the marriage.

Swing yourself down into a low mood, where no one could cheer you.
Bring yourself down to a remote playground, where no one could find you.

Taking a good photo aint easy, skills is what you need to apply.

When guys fall in love with guys.

Perfect musicians on streets.
Mirror mirror on the wall , who's the cutest of us all ?

Time walks with me down the road.

Deep into the forest, there's no way out.
Spank yourself up, beautify your mind, asking yourself, is there another way out?

Got lots of nice arts for you to share. Wonder if you all thinks it's nice too.
It was captured beautifully well.
Hope these photos did entertained you guys.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

If i could turn back time,
Im willing to spent more time with my family,
and stop all my nonsense.

Prelims are starting soon, 18th aug to 27th aug.
So wont be heading far places to chill often.
I think i'll be blogging normally. Though i need some time to study/mug.
Mugging aint fun, it tires me. And i wont have plenty of sleep.
Had physics practice paper recently. Got B3! Thinking that it's good?
That's totally is disgraceful. Why not just give me an Ace?
Piling up books / worksheets on me aint helping.
I've been heading to airport nowadays.
T2 is always the place for me to study during exams.
Studying venice for SS for prelims, which is a totally a huge topic.
Same goes to geography, two themes in social studies equals to my whole geography.
Memorising isnt my pleasure, it totally sucks. It'll take days to finish memorising.
You'll end up peeing on ur pants if you cant memorise those factors the day before your big exam.
Guys, mug hard. Dont end up crying when you get your f.results.
Tata ~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have nothing to say.
I have nothing to write.
I have nothing to be proud of.
I have disppointed many people now.
I have rejected the dpa admission, engineering aint the one i want.
My parents know nothing about my results.
Nor they knew that I had already taken that paper during may.
How bad could it be?
What if one day I turn rebellious?
What if one day I go somewhere far and never be back?
And, what if someday i take drugs?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the first time i looked down on myself.
I hate to see that 6 in my life.
fuck you, im terribly sad now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Anyone looking for any latest N-series handphone,

  • Brand new
  • Without contract.

You could get at a much cheaper price! Any details, just add glovorbbk@hotmail.com in msn and ask him for further informations.

Sunday : Headed out to gelyang. Meet glovor and fat during evening time, went there to have our first round of durians. Went lor 17 to have durians.
Second round was when charmaine & cheehao came over to join us.
The smell was nice, but when the smell stays on your hand, it totally stinks!
I ate the durians without touching it. Smart?
Haha, ask your friend to feed you la ! Thats what i did! :D
Cant wait to eat , so fat took first !

One, two, three ! There goes the durian.

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