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Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Shoots x Travel x BBW

I'm thinking what should I blog now.
 Hmm. With Instagram, I am so lazy to blog hahaha. My daily activities are all uploaded there.

Did a wedding shoot last few weeks back. :-)
Love the photos!!

And did a sydney flight again. A meet up session with my Bff, Cassandra!!
I haven't transfer the photos to my computer yet. so this is the only one I took from Instagram haha
We had yummy burgers from Grill'd at Darling Habour and Macarons from Lindt's! :-) will upload photos soon.

Winter in Aussie now but the temperature seems to be the same as summer in London :(

London bus,London taxi and me ! Red x Red x Red
hahahaha I shld wear some blue too.

Lunch was at Bella Italio, somewhere around oxford street. Was famished after 2 hrs of shopping in Primark!
Primark is one of my favourite shopping place!! ^^ Can shop till drop and till I get headache :\
It rained after we managed to get our stuff. and phew! I brought umbrella along hehehee
I always always check the weather forecast before leaving sg!!!


Bath & Body Works shower gel!!! ^^ I've a fan of it since last yr & I have their hand sanitizer, shower gel and moisturizer. I am gonna get room spray and candles too! Gonna have a collection lol
I've been using Pink chiffon Shower gel (the one on the right) and this is my 2nd bottle. It's more of a romantic scent, to some it might be sweet...but I love it!!! Not too sweet for me :-) I hate strawberry kind of sweet! Be enchanted is also more of romantic kind of scent too, I love being romantic!! lol
You can follow http://instagram.com/bathnbodyworksg for more! They are bringing in bath&bodyworks into sg!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not a lot of choices though
Mega Love love love BBW!!! ^^ SOOO MANY SCENTS TO CHOOSE FROM! hehe


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Monday, June 10, 2013

If you love feminine/work dresses, www.mydresslet.com is for you!
They have many different kinds dresses, suitable for work/dinner. Or even dates!

I picked three items, and wore this Isabelle Skater Dress in Cream colour. It's on sale & they are going at $19.94 ONLY. Comes in 6 different colours: Cream/black/mustard/white/red/teal.

To view the dress, pls click :) http://www.mydresslet.com/dress/isabelle-skater-dress-cream.html


Next will be Loli Tassel Blouse- I call it Fringe Mustard Top..lol
I like it cause it's causal and there's a heart shape around the chest area :-)
This is on SALE too. Only $13.93!!! Comes in coral, yellow & black. Coral one is pretty too! ^^

You can see this blouse here: http://www.mydresslet.com/tops/loli-tassel-blouse-orange.html



Next item will be basic shift dress, suitable for work. I love basic dresses! Enhance the look with a belt and necklace and you are ready to go! Comes in pale pink, blue and black.


I wore it to Wenliang's bday where his theme was blue/red/yellow.
Most of us were in blue anyway!

Love the material and the neckline of the dress^^
This dress can be found here:


Few more designs that I like and they are suitable for any occasion :-)




They are having sales now and most are going at below $20! :))
Enjoy shopping!

Credits: www.mydresslet.com
Like their facebook page for more promotions n updates!

Saturday, June 1, 2013
Paris with love!

I've conquered all my dream places!!!!!!
Venice, Paris and Maldives! ^^ I am sooo in love with the place, the food, everything except the locals.

Hehe now I can die without regrets lol.

I went on a Holiday with Pearl, one of my pretty colleagues that shares many common interest as me haha
We can talk about anything anyone, and we will know what we're talking about!!

Anyways not a pleasant trip to start off with. Bought train tickets from airport, supposed to be an hour journey to our hotel, it took 3-4hrs-_-
DAMN THE TRAIN, it broke down and we had to carry our luggage around- climbing up and down, running left and right to catch other trains. There's no escalator just stairs T.T  we changed 3 trains in total in one station!!!!
We totally dont understand french and the announcements were all in french :(
I'm glad we are fine and took the correct train after following a couple lol and then took a taxi over to our hotel from central..

We were famished by the time we reach hotel!! Stayed in Le Walt hotel, just 5mins walk away from Eiffel tower!!

Quiche for lunch and I love the food in paris!! Every restaurant serves yummy food!

It was spring season and there's cherry blossom on the trees!

When I was 18, one of my biggest dream was to see Eiffel tower with my own eyes.
Now I can strike that off! YAY. (I have a list of 'dream' back then..)

From far, it was not a  pleasant view. lol I thought it was some construction from far. (NO JOKE.)

After getting a closer view. I feel elated.

Went to lourve museum! Another lovely area in Paris.
Didnt get to see Mona lisa though.
In the 2 days. we get to see eiffel tower 2 times and lourve museum 2 times.
We just love it ;)
Shopping in the evening and yep I spent a bomb :(


Macarons from Laduree!! So pretty

Louvre Museum the next day.
Took better photos this time round

The shopping bags we had. They looked ugly :\

Another tourist attraction- Arc de Triomphe Etoile!

Paris is a really popular place for couples because when I was there taking picture of this view, there were about 1000 couples behind me. lol

The sunset was about 10pm so Pearl & I stood there for almost 40 minutes enduring the stupid cold weather for the sun to set, just to get this stunning night view!!!! (They call it the postcard picture)
So in love with it.
Snapped it within 5-10mins and we left!

I dont mind going there again for Holidays!
See you again Paris!

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