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Friday, October 31, 2008


Went vivo to meet this girl, brenda seng ! :)
We went over to surpassing wanting to surprise haney,
but sadly haney is not working today. ):

Went DAISO ! :)
Wanting to play around there.
And thought of buying nothing, but end up .........

I bought those stuffs which im carrying.
And i have no idea what am i going to use those things for !
Those dustbins behind are so cute rightttt ! :)
Watched movie - The coffin.
The show is soso to me. Quite scary in some parts. ( their faces )
Overall, bren still need to tell me the storyline and that was then i understand how the movie goes. -.-
We started taking photos in cinema before the movie starts.
Those flash are so BRIGHT !
And we brought in unauthorised foods in to eat . :)

Went off around 7plus - back to tampines.
Meet laiman, went to blue urban oasis.
The service there is actually not bad. ( If they are standing further from us )
We got one tissue rose from one of the waiter,

because of these photos ( I think ) ,
he gave me another rose! HAHAHA.
Our orders came....
Smoked salmon + toast.
Didnt know the salmon will be RAW.
And I dont eat RAW. Disgusting!
I ate most of the bread toast with a tiny bit of salmon and laiman ate the rest.

The two tissue roses.
After that, when we're paying our bills.
That same waiter gave another tissue rose !
HAHAHA, so sweet . :)
And embarrass ! Cause we took many photos in there, and they kept looking @ us!
Gosh. ~
Left and head home !
Took emaths paper 2 in the morning.
There goes my emaths.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Down down down down in luck recently,
Went out to celebrate desmond's birthday in advance yesterday @ some restuarant at chinatown.
On the way there, my foot bleed !
AHHH! Damn it, bleed for 2 days already.
Can u imagine half of my slipper was stained with my blood!
No choice, i had to go to the nearest toilet. And know what.
The toilet was under maintenance!
Fuck man. At that moment, i feel like killing someone.
Nevermind. I used tissue to clean up, and off to take train.
We ordered the 9 course dish.
The most loving dish is the shark fin soup and the taro dessert !
I'll upload those photos of food soon.
After eating, I couldnt stand my foot anymore,
we went to take a cab home from there.
I paid the cab fare ! Fine! Even my dad not willing to pay.
Damn pissed man.
That taxi driver was innocent but too bad, im not in a good mood.
I've shout my address @ him when he asked me to repeat the venue im going.
I want my luck back !

Soon I'll turn crazy.
Im damn sick of facing my idiotic books now.
I spent most of the time with my books rather than with my family.
I still have 7 more papers to go . 12th nov...... Faster come!
On the 11th nov I'll make myself disappear.
I hate to see some of my friends enjoying taking their last paper that day.
Sadly, there're some who finished on 13th.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let me tell you what happen today.
I have one friend, named ken.
He asked his friend video call me ( 3G ).
And let me see how he ask this particular girl to be his girlfriend!
You know what I saw ?!
I saw 1 bouquet of flower, 1 big tweety balloon, 1 box of chocolate and followed by a banner written 'Can you be my girlfriend?'. -.-
Very exaggerating ! Though is quite sweet.
After i saw everything his friend quit the video call !
Damn you,
because i receive a sms from him a while after,
: 'I know u jealous right ! hahahaha.'
What the hell !
Yaya, I jealous so what. If im that girl i take the flower+chocolate and balloon and run! LOL!
BACK HOME, I went online..
He talked to me in msn and said.
: Dont jealous la, i did something for you too. Dont say i no good!
: My hard work and effort hor ! Later my gf jealous that i nv make for her.
He send me this stupid photo.
Wa lao ! Think i pri school kid easy to dupe uh.
This is edited in photofunia !
Damn you.
But thanks anyway ass! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Went bugis with laiman today with a last minute decision.
Asked her out in the evening, because im too bored @ home !
Went shopping, which i havent done for ages.
Then went to chill @ tcc, crapped about many things.
We shall put everything after our exams !
With pedicure and newyorknewyork! :)

We are trying to pose like some 'ahlians' taking photo . Haha.

Clinique's face cream is nice to use !
You guys should try it. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

screwed up today's emaths paper.
Im damn nervous yesterday night, because im having emaths paper the next day.
Couldnt sleep, fine.
I woke up late and took a cab down, asking the driver not to return me my change.
I gave him double the charge.
He is lucky today, whereas im down in luck.
Yes, I was late for paper.
I went nervous through out and i didnt focus well.
(And i forgot to wear my contact lens or my specs for your info.)
Did finished the paper on time, but didnt have time to check at all.
I know I've made many careless and I've lost 10+ marks for what i know. { That is alot. }
Carelessness really kills.
I bursted into tears when the paper ended, I cried like fuck.
Others find it easy, but to me ......
Maths is my strongest subject yet I've screwed it.
I find it difficult.
Since paper 1 is easy, will paper 2 going to be easy?
How am i going to get an A1 for godness sake.
It's the first time in my life that im flying very fast to school.
And i think i flew faster than a bird.
Afterall this typings, you might find that im nervous.
Yes i am.
I kept thinking about my EM EM EM EM the whole day.
Fuck it fuck it fuck it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Candidates! Good luck for tmr ! :)
Our first theory paper.
Our second paper is the most dumb.
English paper. And paper 2 starts at 5pm ! =.=
That is .... LATE.

Tmr is my first paper, yet im still here relaxing.
And i still went to rebond my fringe.
Looks no difference lor ! :\

I've got a good news!
If i got 13 points.....
WOOO . :)
I will get good grades ! I will and i will!
Im going to study now.

Tata ~
13 POINTER. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My graduation day.
2 more days to O.
26 more days to my happy life.
Wait till 12th nov, I'll brighten up my blog once again.
Don't assume that im not going to blog during this period.

As we go on,
we remember,
all the times we had together.

And as our life change, come whatever.
We will still be, friends forever ! :)

This is the number of girls in my class. Imm gonna miss them all !

Tata ~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can you spot a pimple on my nose ? ):
I have no idea what am i doing -.-

Couple of days left.
Tonning @ huiting's place tmr.
Let me tell you one story.
I have two friends.
Meeting @ 7am in the morning for 3 days to study. Camping for more than 12 hours per day.
End up ? Crapping ! -.-
Luckily im not as crazy as them.
Been slacking for the past few days.
Looking @ people who are mugging,
the feeling totally sucks. You dont feel like losing to them.
Planning a study break for us doesnt really work for me! ):
Reason is simple.
I totally have no mood to study. I feel like im having a holiday right now and i feel like going to vivo to shop!

Monday, October 13, 2008

These four girls.
Talked about things that horrified me.
Make me feel like a coward, dont even dare to walk home @ midnight &
I have to ask someone personally come up to xueling's place to accompany me walk home !
& that is star! :)
I've lost alot of my precious things now a days.
Make me feel so #@*&@!*!

Attempting those alike questions in tys over and over again which makes me feel totally bored.
I have the urge of taking my papers right now.
Dont feel like studying for days anymore !
Hate those periods where I need to mug like a nerd.
Because i hate to see people enjoying their holidays right now.
Immm jealous ok !
And yeah.
Im putting everything behind me,
gonna clear things up after my o lvl.
exactly 1 month from now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I want those graduation photos please! Whoever got my face in it, just mail me. :)
Last day of school, I spent almost 40bucks on chocolates for my schoolmates.
But end up , too much extras that i kept eating and kept giving to my classmates.
I received many presents and many cards too.
Touched when i got those cards.
Pardon me for not making any cards ! :\

Went airport for three consecutive days.
And i ordered HAPPY MEAL when i was with xueling,huiting and michelle.
It's so embarrassing please!
People laughing @ me when they saw that happy meal pack. Omg.
But, the toy is cute. :)

Headed out to bugis with laiman & eileen.
Screw it! RAR . ):
Intended to save money today ,
but who knows.
I spent half of the amount I brought out today.
Bought myself a cute bag :)

I've got a dinner on 18th oct.
Thinking whether should I go or not ?
Im having my first paper on 20th oct ! =\

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yo people.
Don't miss me when im away busy mugging alright.
And and dont leave my blog dead.
Come everyday ! :)
Tmr is my last day of coaching and friday is my graduation day!
Woo, that's fast.
33 days to my big holiday !
12 days to o levels, 12 days to junhong birthday!
Everyone is countdown-ing to his birthday-.-

Feel like giving Emaths tuition after my o level to increase my allowance !
I dont think anyone will want tuition during their holiday! ):
& do have confident in me !
Although I am not a experienced tutor,
I swear I'll make you pass maths with flying colours ! :)
If want, do drop an email to me.

& do support isabella's blogshop.
I've bought it too ! :)

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