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Monday, January 27, 2014
Tokyo + LA

Back from my 2 long flights this month and I find this month past pretty fast. This is why I love long flights. Went Tokyo & LA! This time I managed to meet my relatives in LA!

Stayed over at their place and I totally love their house. So pretty &cosy!!!
 I wonder why houses in western country are so beautiful! Glad my uncle picked me up from my hotel because the journey to his place is 2 hrs!! @.@

Went for a Japanese meal in LA! Yes very lame, because I am flying back to Tokyo after LA where I can eat authentic Japanese meal... hahaha but the japanese meal was so good!! It’s so authentic that I don’t feel that I’m eating it in LA. We had asian food throughout 2 days. Blame us for being Asians.
Ate alot this trip.....Tokyo- LA & Hongkong-SanFran flight are the 2 flights that I eat the most!!!

Wanted to eat iHop but was too shy to request. Haha waited for my San Fran flight and I managed to eat it with Serene! Yay
We went around LA! Chinatown,Koreantown, Coso/Walmart/TradersJoe. Yes I went to most of the supermarkets-_-“

And I went universal studio walks too!

Brought back too many stuff back for my family that my luggage is so full. Barely had enough for my shopping in Japan L
My khakis for this trip!

It was new year sale when I went back to Tokyo! I was soooo happy cause I bought a Liz Lisa cardigan for sgd30plus! The usual price was double. Hehehe and a pair of heels for sgd10!

It was mad crowded but who cares!!!  We had yummy beef bowl rice & I ate the most awesome crepe ever. In harajuku.

Yummyummy crepe~

After our shopping...we went for a hotspring! My first time being naked in public, infront of so many ppl! Very awkward but It wasn’t that bad afterall. Feels so good when u are soaking in a 2degree weather! 

& I really love the yukata. So pretty isn’t it! My colleagues are pretty as well^^

I have a love/hate relationship with this flight!!! haha

Saturday, January 4, 2014
2013 in a glance & Beauty tips

Happy new year!! My first post of 2014. 2014 already?!
Time flies and I feel like 2013 has just started. Oh well, I'm glad that my job makes time pass faster. I never once said  "HUH ONLY 5mins GONE?"

5mins seemed long in office, isn't it?

When I'm back to 9-5 job, I look at the watch every now & then. And I will be like" 5mins passed ONLY?"


What did I do in 2013:

- I went Taiwan, Paris & Korea for holiday.
- I got my dream bag  (prada bag that I seldom use it now)
- I didn't spend my CNY/ XMAS/ NEW YEAR in Singapore.
- I drifted far away from my friends/ family
- I didnt enter a club in 2013.

This summarize my 2013. ok for 2014!!!

I shall not list my resolution cause I will not reflect on it and probably it wont come true. haha


To start off, I wanna share few beauty secrets! I love beauty tips and I am quite vain when it comes to skincare.
I used to be lazy and all.. but as I get older, I saw how my skin changes. I get breakouts when I started flying. I'm sure ppl get pimples when you go for holiday & back home. Likewise for me. But I guess my skin is immune to it after few months. It's dry whenever I'm in other countries but it becomes oily when I have the whole day in Sg. Blame the weather maybe.

I may be blessed with good skin,
  BUT it's good when you see it 15cm away or more.  hahaha
I only get pimples when period is near or when my hormones goes crazy.

Here's some NATURAL Beauty stuff + tips that I DO at home:

- Egg white mask. I used to do it daily or rather twice daily! It's good in firming + giving a smooth skin. I heard it can whiten skin as well! I use egg white mask only on my chin & cheeks area. CAUSE I psychology thinks that it might make my face slimmer. LOL crazy thought but yes......it helps!!!!!!!! GO & TRY MEASURE your chin!! It reduces my chin by 5mm.......but it goes back to the normal size after awhile lol. (Maybe long term usage helps?) Ok..I know I am lame but I am trying so hard to slim my face. hahaha
Simply use egg white and apply on your dry face after cleansing. It will harden and your face will be stiff!
10mins is all you need. You can keep the egg whites covered in the fridge for few days!

- Baking soda for your black heads!!!!
I stopped squeezing or using pore strips for my blackheads since 3 months ago. I use baking soda instead! I hate how painful n reddish it is after I squeeze my nose. lol and strips doesnt really work!
Use half teaspoon of baking soda and add 3-4 drops of water to it to make it into a paste. Then, rub it around your nose area for 40seconds. It might sting abit if you apply it for too long. So less than a minute is safe! :)

- Plain Yoghurt for face mask! It's sooooo natural and good for your skin!! Nature glow in ur skin (I am serious) but only slight glow. hahaha
I seldom do this mask now cause I am so lazy to go supermarket to get a tub of yoghurt :P

- I massage my face daily with 2b face alternative...I dont know if it works, I am still in the midst of using. Have been using for 2 weeks! I wanna have a slim face so badly that I massage my face upwards and targeting only the chin & cheek area.  Hahhaa
I have a few feedback that my face is slimmer..........YAY
You should see how chubby am I in the past!!!! It's OMG. :\

Look at this photo which was taken 4 years back. I still weigh the same ok!!!!!

This was a recent photo. My eyes seemed bigger cause my face is smaller
hahaha Looking back the photos I think I really shld give myself a pat.  I did not undergo liposuction nor lost weight. Probably thanks to the egg white mask and those face lifting mask that I used to use? ^^

Ok, I shall stop here.

If you have any beauty tips or if any mask that can make my face slimmer, pls do share with me! ^^

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