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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finally some time to relax myself before I go crazy over my exams and work. (Which my papers ended today!) Hehe

Nails done at The Professionails at Midpoint Orchard.
Well, if you are unsure where Midpoint Orchard is, it is opposite 313. Beside courts! I dont know where it is too...until I googled it. Haha

Went on a weekday afternoon and I super duper love weekdays!! I hate weekend crowd.
Was attended by one of their girls and I did gelish for both my hands and toenails.

It's been long since I did a foot scrub and I am really enjoying every bit of it.
Sooo many deadskins to get rid off. 

I'm quite a manicure person and I do nails quite often! I love simple designs (which my work allows)
I've never had a job that allows complicated nail design:(

Loving how demure and sweet it looks. :)
Hey that suits me perfectly hahaha

If you would like to make an appointment with them, go over to their website at www.theprofessionails.sg
Book under my name and get 10% off all their services!!

Hope u girls like their princessy services. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Just did my hair treatment today and am typing this in a bus. I love long bus ride as it gives me all the time i want to ponder my thoughts. 
Did their scalp detox treatment again, and thats the only treatment that I love! It makes my scalp less oily which means less hairfall. :-) 

Havent been visiting Vintage Studio for more than two months and I finally have time to pamper myself today! Off day are so precious. 

My stylist deserves a photo here cuz he's really good! 

Remember to quote my name at Bedok Point's outlet to enjoy 20% off! :)

Hello! Back from my busy week as I'm working and studying at the same time. Exams are around the corner but I dont feel the stress at all. Hmm 
Too excited for my upcoming holidays!

Belated bday celebration for hui bing last week. Time flies....
We went PS cafe at Palais for dinner and the best food we had was the truffle fries! 
It's always hard to have a full attendance although there's four of us. We'll definitely make time for each other on special occasions!! :)

Love you girls,

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Le queenz

I kept my Monday off, wanting to pamper myself because monday is such a sore day for every workers. Its a pleasure to visit Le Queenz when everyone is working! Hehe

Lequeenz just opened last year and their parent company (New Trend Lifestyle) is listed in London! The products they used for facial are Babor(from germany), if you would like to find out more feel free to read more here: www.lequeenz.com

The moment when I reached, I was warmly welcomed by their business development manager, Jacelyn Phang. Really love the gesture that she stands at the door smiling brightly when she sees me walking in!

She guided me throughout and their main focus are on facial services but I took up the body mask & scrub service instead! I definitely need the scrub! 
The atmosphere at Le Queenz is so cosy and clean that you wont feel like leaving the place! I went to their spa room and I feel like a princess stepping into their cottage.

I changed into their sarong and Im all prepared! They customize one person to one room so you can have some private space between you and your beauty consultant! And the room is spacious.

I did their detox scrub (worth $68) which lasted 1hr15mins...and I did fell asleep in between! 
The scrub wasnt as harsh as I thought it would be and my consultant was Ivy, she was gentle and precise with all the steps. She gave me heads up to prep me for the next step that she is going to do. (This is what I like about services!)

What was used in this scrub?
-Natural Honey & seasame!

(Enjoying my scrub) hehe
After exfoliating, we proceed on to body mask/ butter spread and it is really cute to see her using a brush to paint my whole body with it.
She applied Barley mask for 15mins and I had to rinse it off which leaves my skin really soft and smooth the entire day! I get to bath too.
Cant stop touching my skin after the mask :P 
I don't feel like leaving at all :( Time flies when I was doing the body scrub.

I really enjoy my experience here although it was a short 1.5hours! The pricing are all affordable and its really worth the penny spent.
If you are working around town area please do drop by LeQueenz which is located at 1 Tanjong Pajar Plaza, #02-28

They are open till 830pm so you can head there after work!:)

If you would like to try out the detox scrub that I did, you can call in 62440228 to make an appointment and quote "winnie$15off" for the scrub! Usual $68 :) valid till end of May. 

I hope you girls will enjoy the scrub as much as I do! :-)

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