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Friday, October 10, 2014
Love & co

Was invited to a LOVE & co private event whereby they showcase their new LVCaqueen series. I am so fantasize by the jewelery the moment I step in. I rarely visit jewelry shop cause I always find them expensive :-(

But I'm surprised that the prices are actually affordable here in Love & Co! 

'LVC Aqueen morphs itself into different permutation of styles with the simple rearrangement of the built in bands made of high quality gold and diamonds.'
- I've seen the LVC Aqueen series myself, and I'm really impressed by the design and the effort of building this design is not easy. The designs are so detailed that we tend to overlook and thought that it is just a normal piece of jewelery with bands. But they are not! They have story behind every piece and design.

This is the LVC Aqueen series.
It is really very pretty when worn. 

They equipped us with some knowledge on what kind of rings are suitable for our skin and how to choose the designs & cuts of the ring. I have relatively fair skin so I am not suitable for gold colored jewelery. (Oh well I only can buy & invest in gold) haha
Melissa have a tanner skin compared to mine so she suits gold but she is not suitable to wear a ros gold jewelery! :/
Ros gold is one of the popular colors recently and it's really pretty!! It's ok Mel, you can pass it to me if u have! Hahaha :P joking.

Our consultant was really patient and nice. He explained in detailed to ensure we understand the whole concept. We get to measured our ring size too! It's such a pity that my knuckles are a little big because I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles. If you have too, please stop!!!!

There's a big crowd coming in to attend the event and there's so much joy and laughter in the entire shop. 

Some refreshment was served and they were good! They have their own Love & co plates. So impressive!

Some selfies taken while trying the rings. I think I've tried more than 10 rings that evening! Every ring has their own beauty and guess what, we found our perfect ring after trying on a couple of rings! :-)

I like it plain, do you? :-)

I really enjoyed myself that evening, and thank you Love & co for having us! It's really a sweet gesture to hold such a joyful event together with other bloggers. 

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