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Sunday, March 31, 2013
HadaCRie Cool - Clean skin in 4 steps!

Post #2 of my hadacrie experience.

This photo tells you about my skin in general. (Before using HadaCRie)

- My cheek looks dry and abit of redness because of my sensitive skin!
- My nose is full of blackheads. No matter how I squeeze out, its always there :-(
- I used to have oily T-zone before I start flying, but now it's better.


The previous post about HadaCRie Cool was about the ion cleansing device itself. Now I am reviewing my experience with HadaCRie cool!

The reviews are 100% true, pictures are all non-photoshopped.

Let's begin with my first experience:


You see it for yourself.
The yellow piece of cotton pad. Who would believe that's coming from my face?
When I saw all the trapped dirt, I feel so amazed. And at the same time..I wonder how can this be as powerful as clarisonic?

I used this for consecutive 6 days. I brought it overseas too because it's small and light. It's not really portable because it isn't battery operated.

On the 4th day, I took a picture of the cotton pad again.
I see dirt again. But it seems to be improving!


I think this is very useful for everyone, even guys. We are exposed to dirt daily, and given our country where summer is 365 days, our pores are prone to traps dirt easily.
Normal cleansing alone is not enough...

A photo of me + my bare skin + no lens.


I went to google for the reviews and apparently all the reviews are positive!
 Source taken from flowerpod & thebestbeautyblog.com
You can google it YOURSELF. This is the beauty product that is raving around japan/ taiwan / hongkong.


If you want a smooth + natural skin like a korean, no harm investing this to try! Rather than spending more than $1000+ on facial packages plus a few hundreds on their products to revive your skin.


Places to buy HadaCRie Cool
: Gain City @ Marina Square.
: Gain City @ Changi City Point
: Parisilk @ 46 East Coast Road.

More places coming up!! Do take note ^^

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Food + Food

This picture was taken at Burger & Lobsters, in London.
It's an exquiste restaurant and the unique point about this place is...they have no menu on the table + they only have 3 main courses. Either the Beef burger, Lobster roll or just lobster. Since there's 3 of us, we ordered one each and we shared.

It was pricey but worth it..Each person paid 25pounds, which was $50sgd. The food was good. Lobster roll was my favourite! The beef burger wasn't that fantastic to the extend of paying 25pounds.


St basil @ Red square taken in Moscow. It was freezing & I had to force myself to smile and take a picture!


A group shot of us ... :-)


Next destination was Houston, States. Not my favourite place among the US stations. Prefer new york & San Francisco!
Went to factory outlet to do some shopping. & I bought a steve madden boots for us$39!!

At night, we went boiling crab to have our late dinner. The rave about this boiling crab was so good that the queue was crazy. We queued for 2 hours just to get ourself a table of 6. We had different kinds of crabs, King crab, Alaska Crab and one more, which I can't remb.
We ordered mussels & calamari too. Total bill came up to us$60 per person. About sgd$85. It was good
BUT I have no idea why the bill was so expensive.

It was crazy. Most of my money goes to food.

boiling crab


This was taken at Auckland, New Zealand. A favourite place to go for mussels - Occidental.
I am not a fan of Mussels/Oysters, so I did not try them. 5 of us, only NZD$20 per person. SGD$20.


The 2 photos below were taken in Singapore. :)

I've been home for a week now because I am down with eye and throat infection.
Am starting work tmr. Ah, its dreadful!!



A photo taken in Modesto's with my favourite girls (without cass)
She is in Sydney pursuing her degree.
I'm gonna see her soon!! hehe


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Sunday, March 24, 2013
Beauty talks - HadaCRie Cool, by Hitachi!


Open pores..black heads...clogged pores.
I have sensitive/dry skin and oily T-zone. Complicated.


Studies have shown that most girls would like to have soft, supple, firm & smooth skin...
You cannot get the flawless skin without clean and tighten pores. You will get wrinkles easily if you are not gentle & don't moisturize your skin enough.

Hitachi has produce an amazing product to solve our skin nightmare.
Coming from a top quality product, it can achieve the beauty needs that we desire.


Introducing HadaCRie Cool CM-N10000 to my beauty regime!!



hadacrie 1





If you would like to have ur pores to be cleansed daily, you can just use cleansing (5mins) plus cool aesthetic (3mins), total takes only 8 minutes!
A daily beauty regime for lazy people can just skip mirco-pat, which takes 13mins in total! 5mins of cleansing, moisturizing and 3mins of cool asethetic.
Of course, a full 4 course will be recommended! It takes only 18mins of your time. And in 2 weeks time, your skin will be the new skin that you are dying for!

I will be posting more on this product & show you how dirty my skin is. I am very shock when I saw the amount of dirt on the cotton pad. :( It will be up on my next blog post..Stay tune & I will surprise you with the difference! ^^

HadaCRie Cool is retailing at $499, which claimed to be cheaper than Japan! Imagine u spending $1000 on a facial package.  HadaCRie leaves no redness and it has zero pain. While for facial? It's pain and it leaves the face sooooo red after one session.

Comparing this to the facial package, OF COURSE I will choose HadaCRie!


If you are confuse,
HadaCrie has two cleanser models...Let's find out the difference!



You can click here to find out more about their products :-)

Or, u can read more reviews on our HadaCRie site with 9 other bloggers! The website will be open to public tmr, 25 March!

Thank you Hitachi for this awesome sponsor! :)

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Monday, March 18, 2013
Taipei for Holiday!

Went for a 4D3N Taipei trip with mummy & bf... finally 10 days of annual leave for me! Been working the entire 9 months in 2012 without any annual leave..and I'm clearing all my 30+days of leaves in this year. Lol

I will stay budget if I am going for a holiday hehe so I took scoot over to Taipei.. The airtix was relatively cheap, it cost about $370 per person including checkin! Took Freego bus from the airport & alighted at Zhong Xiao Fuxing Station > trained down to Ximending where our hotel is.
The bus shld alight us at Taipei main station but we touched down too early so they only can alight us at Zhong Xiao Fu Xing. (only few stops away from Taipei main station)

Hotel room cost $115 per night for 3 of us, 2 queen and 1 single bed. Booked 'Go sleep' Hotel, which is 7mins away from the train station.
The room was very pleasant n nice but the location is very hard to find :-(

Touched down too early so we went for breakfast...Had bkfast twice-_-

All the shops were closed..

Headed to Yang Ming Shan to see the cherry blossom! Took bus 260 from Taipei bus station.
Bus ride was about 45mins..we stood for 45mins because the bus was too crowded :(

hehe all our sleepy faces.

Kitty sweets!! All the cakes are sooooo cute^^

Had milk tea EVERYDAY. Very sinful.....a very sinful trip. Had quite a number of street foods too.

The busy ximending.

Went Shida Night market that night.. We took train to Tai power building & walked over. It was quite near and there were many students shopping over there. More for shopping over at this market. Didnt really buy anything though.

Went Mr J on the second day! Please remb to reserve a seat if u would like to visit there.
We went to the one in Taipei medical university. Took cab over to Mr J.
Not much crowd in the restaurant during lunch time.

Mummy had bacon pasta, bf had ribeye steak while I had tuna pizza!

Me & my single portion pizza, which cost only $9plus for the set lunch..including a soup & a drink! Soooo cheap!

And a tiramisu cake. hehe The food was not too bad..but not as bad as what I heard from other reviewers.
Love the restaurant because it plays jay chou's music throughout!!

The medical university..

Walked over to Taipei 101.. Bought hu jiao bing while on the way to taipei 101. Love eating it! Yums. not a fan of pork but it doesnt have the porky smell!

Too windy & cold.. haha

Went shilin night market that night..
I prefer shilin more than shida or raohe night market!!! Only explored 3 night markets..so I cant compare with the rest.


Nxt day went to wufenpu & Rao he Night market.. Raohe night market sells more of causal or adult clothings, not for us.. but their famous Hu Jiao Bing is so yummy!!

Had shaved mango ice at Cha Cha Mango @ Ximending .

I enjoyed this trip with them although I didnt shop a lot which was quite disappointing. But I wanna go there again!!!!!!!!! hehe

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