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Sunday, August 4, 2013
12 easy ways to have smooth & baby skin

Having smooth skin can be difficult for some..but have you fulfilled the basic steps to achieve smooth & clear skin?
Some people ask me why is your skin so good?  I have bad skin days too!!! Not so lucky everyday.

Here are the 12 Easy basic steps that I've been doing!

1. Clean your makeup brushes
- This is the first basic step you have to do..And do them weekly! Be it your blusher, eyeshadow or foundation brush, you have to clean them! Some people use brush cleaner, but for me.....I use my own cleansing foam! Daiso has a good brush cleaner and you can try them..it's cheap!
Other than cleaning your makeup brushes, it is important to get a quality brush that has really soft bristle. You don't want to hurt your skin.

2. Clean your phone and computer's keypad.
- This is the 2nd basic step that people don't normally do even I don't have this habit of cleaning BUT I am trying. Our phones are the dirtiest thing we can find in our bag. Our hands are full of germs and we use phone everyday, every hour. We touch everything, we sweat daily and next thing we knew, we touch our phones.
A drop of sanitizer on a cloth or rubbing alcohol helps.

3. Drink a cup of green tea daily
- Green tea is rich in anti-oxidant and has many benefits to our skin. Protects against UV rays, treating acne etc etc. You can find all the benefits on the net. Other than the positive impact on your skin, it detoxes our body too! Get a box of sachet green tea and drink them daily ;-)

4. Do not squeeze or scratch ur pimple
- I USED TO DO THAT AND I REGRETTED IT. I have one small scar on my cheek and that is how I decided to stop squeezing. Unless, it is soooo big and annoying with the pus is nearly coming out, wash your face first then gently squeeze them out. Please do not use force!!

5. Do not rub towel against your skin. Pat it.
- Rubbing towel against your skin is harsh and you do not want to injure your skin cells. Just pat it try with a towel or tissue.

6. Clean & moisturize your face before you sleep
- Your skin heals & restore itself every night, so it is important to cleanse & moisturize before sleep! You will wake up with a glowing skin ;)
At the moment, I am using Clean & Clear facial cleansing foam + Hada Labo Lotion + Laneige sleeping mask. I cannot describe how much I love laneige sleeping mask.
Even their water bank essence is so good too!

7. Do not over-cleanse your face 
- Wash 2-3 times daily and 3 is the maximum......do not over cleanse your face cause it might trigger your oil-glands and cause dry skin.

8. Do a weekly mask 
- Pamper yourself once or twice a week, invest in a good clarisonic or clay mask that removes dirt in your pores. Normal cleansing doesn't remove all the dirt that are trapped in your pores. Thanks to Hitachi's Hadacrie, I have stopped going facial. Doing a DIY home facial is good too. I've tried Plain yogurt mask daily for a week and I can really see results!!!!! I've stopped doing because I'm always not at home :(
If you are planning to do a yoghurt mask at home, a good 5-10 minutes daily is good enough :-)

9. Change your pillow cover weekly
- I don't have to explain this.... you know you shld change! And do not be lazy.

10. Sleep & do not stress yourself
- Sleeping is important. Compare a person who sleeps 8 hrs daily and a person who sleeps 4 hours daily. After few yrs, you can see the difference yourself. The person who sleeps 8hrs daily will have a radiant + youthful looking skin more than the person who sleeps 4 hrs daily.
In this world, stress is common but we need to try to avoid it.....get yourself a chamomile tea before bed.
or go for a yoga class. ;)

11. Sunblock daily
- Sunblock is soooooooooooooooooo important and we should put them everyday be it indoors or outdoors. I am using BIORE sunblock, the one in pink bottle, SPF50++. I've tried Estee Lauder's but it gave me an oily skin so I stick back to my old sunblock and I've been using this for quite long.

12. Do not touch your face with dirty hands
- You know you have to avoid it!!! If you need to scratch your face, pls use a tissue.

These are the basic steps to achieve smooth skin. I've been trying to do it since last year and I can see results in my skin. :)
I hope they are useful. Do not be lazy!!! cause being lazy doesn't produce results.


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