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Monday, February 13, 2012
It's my turn!

Hi guys!

Today I shall talk about the types of singaporeans we are...
1st thing that comes to ur mind is typical singaporeans. no other countries love how we behave. Sometimes I just hate it too!

The 5 Typical Singaporean actions:
1. 'Chope' seats with tissue especially during peak periods and no one dares to remove the tissue!
2. Complain all day long, BUT NO ACTION TAKEN.
3. Push ur way through to get onto a bus/train
4. Dont offer help when someone falls. (we just laugh)
5. Sees a long queue and join the queue w/o knowing whats happening.

lol. other than typical singaporeans, have u wondered if singaporeans are patriotic?
Some do!

Would u like to take a quiz and find out what kind of Singaporean are you? Patriotic, or no? 
I'm sure you wanna find out! :) 

This website, "It's My Turn" (http://itsmyturn.sg/) is a simple online quiz that analyses your personality to find out "What kind of Singaporean you are?" There are different personalities and you see if it suits you!

You can either signup or link your facebook account and do the quiz to know the answers:)
I've linked my facebook account w them!
You can do the quiz without signing up, but u cant view ur results! (whats the point of doing when u can't see ur results right?)

Here's what u will see when u click on their website to participate in the quiz!
Saw my name at the top right corner? :)

ok.. IT'S MY TURN to do the quiz!!!!

One of the qns that was asked.
I feel so 'singaporean' while attempting all the quiz. LOL. It's related to what is happening in our lives.


There are 10 questions and Im done within 3minutes! hehe. so simple!
Here's my results! Yeah totally agree that Im health-conscious, giving opinion whenever there's a need to and I need a chill pill!
Why health conscious? cus I dont like to take much fried food as I know my body well. My throat is very sensitive!! It hurts easily from all the heaty food :( noob right...
As for my social life, im too engross with school work lately, need some social activities. :(

ok, do u wanna know urself more? IT'S YOUR TURN to attempt the quiz now:)
They have different questions and different results, go attempt and view yours now!
*can click on the picture to do the quiz!*

Another than this quiz,
u can participate in social initiative that can make a difference to people around you!
You can create one! sounds so cool.

There's a few that caught my eye!
"Organizing a clothes swap" whereby girls can exchange their new clothes,
and also "Snack on fruits day" where we have to eat fruits instead of junk food to keep healthy!

You can explore the website yourself, and be social active in Singapore.
Remember to take part in the quiz! *winks
Link: www.itsmyturn.sg

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