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Friday, October 28, 2011

From my title, u should know what I'm talking about.

Not a very facial person, and I've only gone to facial for about 3-4 times in my whole life.
I may look like that kind of girl that visits facial salon monthly, spending lots of money on facial products....
I'm not.
Unless I have some zits on my face, I will spend my money on pimple cream or tea tree oil.
I'm more concern about zits than other flaws which I have..and it's not a good habit.
I should learnt to take care of my skin from now onwards.

Do u want to know my daily facial routine when I'm at home?
-I SELDOM use toner or moisturizer. I just simply wash my face with facial foam and leave my skin bare till I sleep.
-I used to mask weekly, but now I'm masking once per month.
-I'm still using VICCAL. it's a very good product with regards to my skin. It's selling at $100+ outside if I'm not wrong.
- I use sunblock everyday!

I just went for my facial and massage appointment yesterday. (bought a deal voucher from streetdeal) Itchy fingers.

To me.......all facial salons are the same. Out to cheat women's $.
Somehow most of my facial salons gave me a bad impression, thinking that it's a con.

But there's one thing that is true - One appointment is never enough, because we need to AVOID and not pray that the dirt or pimples will NEVER attack our face. it can never be NEVER. It will attack.......just that we need to avoid and minimize.

I didn't bought the package. Because facial is a painful treatment.
She extracted my oil seeds to a certain extend that I really feel like crying. (I HAVE ABOUT 100 OF THEM ON MY FACE) It's VERY painful :'(
And that's the moment when I thought that I should really take care of my skin.

This shows u that I DONT HAVE GOOD SKIN.

The beauty consultant said that it could partly caused by oily products or I didn't remove my makeup properly. I assume it's the 2nd reason since I have been putting makeup ALOT lately.

After the facial I went to watsons to get cleansing milk, which was recommended by her. She said that it would be best if I use cleansing milk to remove my concealer or powder, while using eye makeup remover for my eyes. I decided that I should LISTEN to her since she is a 'certified beauty consultant' .

The reason why I seldom go for facial is because I HATE going through the pain, and I have to go home with red face like as if I have some chicken pox.
I remembered the 1st facial was at my neighbourhood area where it cost about $28.
It was sec 3 den...$28 is expensive to me but being vain, I went for the 1st treatment. It was pain as usual and lucky I can run home and hide my reddish face. I regretted the next day because my face is still RED like chicken pox and I HAD TO GO SCHOOL!!
I was cursing myself on the way to school...AND no results was seen. Stupid beauty consultant. I felt like I was cheated and I sworn that I should never spend money on facial again. But then, after one year, feeling vain again......i went to visit another facial salon, and it seemed much better.

Now, it's my 2nd day after doing the facial from Face connection, my skin feels really better!
She recommends me some home-made mask which I THINK I will be doing it at home.

Yoghurt mask!
I went to google and found this.

Let's try out together!!
Yoghurt is such a amazing product that can make us beautiful! It also can smoothens ur hair, which was seen in my own review :)

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