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Saturday, May 10, 2014
[Adv] Carousell - Join now & you can get win a giveaway!

Have you heard of Carousell yet?

If you haven't, it's time for you to find out what this amazing app is!Carousell, Singapore’s favourite lifestyle marketplace, lets you sell off these items easily in less than 30 seconds!
Simply snap a photo, upload it with a description, and it’ll be up in the Carousell marketplace immediately, made available to fellow fashion and beauty enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for great bargains!

Sell anything from clothes, beauty products, household or even vouchers and books!

They have many different kinds of categories
: Popular
: Beauty Products
: Design & Craft
: Lifestyle Gadgets
: Photography
: Luxury
: Sports
: Antiques
: Games
: Music Instruments
: Books
: Baby & Kids
: Tickets / Vouchers
: K-pop
: Everything else

So many categories to choose from!
Once you’ve uploaded your items, not only will they be listed on the Carousell marketplace, they will also automatically be displayed to visitors to SheShops Marketplace on herworldPLUS, website of Singapore’s top women’s fashion and beauty magazine.
What better platform to sell off your pre-loves? ?

I just signed up Carousell and you can find me there! My user is winnieseahpanyi
You can follow ur favourite users and see what are they selling too :-)
Carousell is available in other countries as well! But since you are registered under Singapore,
our carousell platform will only be in Singapore.

Let me share my own funny experience:
There was once when I have a flight to India, I decided to open a Carousell account. (Before they approached me)
I open one account and I got a shock because my platform was in India and all the stuff they sell were bangles and flowers.
Not much active users but among the users, they were all indians. I find it weird and I thought I downloaded the wrong app.
But it was the correct app! I deleted the app immediately hahahahahhaa
That's when I realized they detected my location, which was in India.

I downloaded the app again when I was back in Singapore. And surprisely I saw a lot of users actively selling and shopping in Carousell!
So many interesting items. I saw a number of them selling items below retail prices and it seemed like an online flea!
24hr online flea.. so convenient that you can do it anywhere!
Indeed a no.1 lifestyle in App Store!

From 7 May onwards (which is now), Carousell users will be exclusively rewarded with a special treat!

Carousell is collaborating with SheShops Marketplace to bring a free 3 months subscription of the best-selling fashion and beauty magazines such as Her World, CLEO or Female to you!

Simply post 3 listings to get free 3 months subscription of a digital fashion & beauty magazine of your choice by SPH Magazines!

Get the awesome free digital subscription in 3 easy steps:

1. Download the Carousell app + Sign up for a Carousell account (or Log in)
2. Post 3 listings* in the ‘For Her’ or ‘Beauty Products’ category
3. Wait for your redemption code & instructions on how to redeem your free subscription!

*Listings must be uploaded between 6 May 2014 to 27 May 2014. Redemption code and instructions will be sent to you after 27 May 2014.

For more details about the giveaway, visit their blog:


Come join me to be part of Carousell and you can get the free subscription for 3mths! :-)


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