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Sunday, October 1, 2017
Proposal + Wedding preparation Part 1

Hello everyone. It's been long since I write on this page.
Would like to share my wedding preparations and abit on my proposal since many people are getting married!

Truly, I felt so blessed and happy to be able to spend my rest of my life with him. It felt like I have known him for a long period of time. Maybe we were couple in our past life too. (hahaha)
I was so independent on him through this time and our honeymoon period is still ongoing.

31.12.16 was the date he chosen.
We had NYE countdown at Overeasy @ Fullerton where he paid for all my friend's entrance. It was expensive but I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. It was truly the best view of fireworks with the right company. So touched that he invited all my close friends. :')

Not forgetting my friend, Danny Ooi who was the awesome photographer came n surprised me!!

With that, we start with our wedding preparations. We were easy and we only went to one venue to see the ballroom and we decide to take on the package. This same goes to our bridal package.
We did not go down to several places before making our choices as we didn't want to waste time on finding it. Of cus, we read the reviews online first before heading down.

1) Our venue Why we chose One degree fifteen to be our wedding venue?

We wanted to get somewhere within our budget and yet with a nice and relaxed ambience for our guest. (Budget is the most important thing in planning!)

Honestly we did not see other hotels banquet and my fiance and I are not very picky. We went down to one degree fifteen and we saw the banquet and place, we kinda like the place so we went ahead with it. It may be inconvenient but we plan to hire 2 buses to fetch guest to and fro sentosa cove. (We choose 1 bus to be picked at yishun and another bus at tampines)
They have a free shuttle bus to and fro Harbourfront MRT too but the bus is small and the timings are not favorable. Best is to hitch someone's car in! The invitation card gives free entry to sentosa and guest can get free parking at one degree fifteen.

Our sales manager is Charlene. She is a very nice lady but she is a very busy person so forgive her if she replies slow. We met her at one degree fifteen and she tour us around telling us how the actual day will be like. 

We toured the ballroom and she showed us how big it will be, where it can fit a maximum of 36 tables. Charlene also mentioned we can choose the lighting colors, and they have a cute door gift for everyone too! Look at the bears.
This ballroom is taken 1 day before people's wedding thus there is no flower decorations yet.

The banquet area might not be the nicest ballroom around, as they do not have chandelier which I feel kinda wasted. Chandelier is the one that makes the ballroom pretty! But it's okay, we can decorate the ballroom with flowers.


We choose nova room to be our solemnization place, and it is pretty. It oversees the yacht area, where you can see most of the sentosa cove area.
They have roof top solemnization which is prettier but it's outdoor and you have to pray that it doesn't rain on that day.

2) Bridal package - The bridal package we took was from Fleur Dsign.
It was at ubi industrial area, where their warehouse is located. Fleur Dsign does floristry too! You can engage them if u need some flowers for your event.
 The shop owner is Christina and she has a very helpful staff call Cass. Good service!
At the start, they only showed their white gowns, which were really pretty and they had many selections. I would say their package is really affordable.
The white gown is yours to bring home...so the gowns are all new and they don't give you the gown that other brides wore before. We paid additional to buy over the suit too and my fiancé bought 2 suit, grey and navy blue.
I tried only 3-4 gowns and I already picked my AD gown. Long train with sparkles and glitter! 
So much love for this gown.
They do alterations too and it was fast, they have seamstress in their backroom!
They did not show much of their evening gowns because they do not have many selections, or maybe they do but the designs are not those that I will fancy.

I have chosen a navy wedding gown from them but am still on a lookout for a better choice!

Will be updating more about my process. So excited and I can't wait!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My first experience with with Bellezza @ Wheelock Place was rather a pleasant one.
I have to admit I'm not a person who goes for facial, my last facial was probably 3 yrs ago!
I know I have to trust them because bellezza is backed by experience to meet the needs of Asian skin.
My skin was more to dry/sensitive skin, I know it's not common to have dry skin in a scorching hot sg, but do you know that a dry skin can produce oily skin too?
Bellezza have many diverse range of latest treatment facials to choose from and it's a tough choice to settle on which facial do you want. Initially I was browsing on their website and was looking at their signature facial treatment or V lifting facial.

I went down to their salon one of the weekday, and was greeted with their beautiful interior. It feels like stepping into a palace inside. I really love their posh environment, the beauty and serenity of the salon. A haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The staff brought me into one of their consultation rooms to fill up some particulars and followed by tea and jam cookies.

I was proceed on to their facial room to changed n get started! They used some essential oil to calm you down first (I think mine was lemongrass), and throughout the procedure I can smell a lot of different floral essential oil been used. I definitely smelt rose, but I don't know what are the others. I love floral scent!

The staff recommended me their oxyjet facial due to my dry skin, so I went ahead with her recommendation!
I rejected their extraction because I'm scared of pain and I don't want red spots all over my face. And it's glad that she mentioned my skin have nothing much to squeeze only the blackheads on my nose! Other than that, the whole procedure was smooth, no pain and you can feel the "oxygen" is basically pumping into your skin.
AND not forgetting their silky collagen hand treatment that the staff did for me too! They used plant placenta collagen hot mask and cream plus a short hand massage. The hot mask will harden after sometime and after it's removed, you can feel it urself.

Before & After treatment/extraction.

Above photo was taken after facial, and below was after 5 days.

I can see how much effort the boss put into this salon, and the sincerity towards customers. Although I did not meet the boss in person, I can see via the services/the products, all the little details and intangible stuff, perfecting to customers needs and comfort.

Even my colleague complimented my skin after three days of facial! It is effective, and produced instant results. (I can prove this!)
There's a promotion now, 1st time trial session at $38, inclusive of a skin analysis scan.

T&C: 18yrs above, Sporean/PR/S-pass/WP holder.
For appointment you can call 62232533.
For more information, you can visit their website www.bellezza.com.sg
If you are worried that the staff is pushy, don't worry they are not. They will know what is best for your skin. Try out for yourself to see the results!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Highlights from london

Just got back from my UK & Paris trip! But this post is gonna be the main highlights of UK.
With some ootds below too :p haha

Bigben, Towerbridge, London's eye
Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor palace.
British Museum, Buckingham palace,Soho, camden market

 Will definitely miss you london! xx

Friday, November 13, 2015
Xmas shopping with zalora

Festive season is here and I'm pretty sure everyone is equally excited!
Xmas is my favourite holiday season and that means exchanging presents with ur friends and love ones!

I always dream of spending a white xmas with my partner. Hehe

Zalora is here to help if you have trouble thinking which present to get for your family and friends!

They have a tab for Christmas gift shopping and you can choose either 'For mum' , 'For dad' 'For boyfriend' or 'For girlfriend' !

Everyone deserves to get a present to be happy! 
They have many new arrivals suitable for this season, you can check those out too!

Some picks that I would like to share!
This is for a girlfriend,

For our manly and loving dad,

For our prettiest and caring mum,

And this is for our handsome boyfriend:

They have many more designs that you will be spoilt for choices.
Remember to download their app to get $15 discount voucher!

Happy shopping!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
K-Palette Eyebrow pencil

Hi girls! 

K-palette (a makeup brand from Japan) is launching new eyebrow pencil to their makeup range! If you find the 1-day eyeliner tattoo is familiar, this is the eyebrow series that they are launching!

Pretty awesome and friendly for our needs as it comes with pencil, soft powder and brush, all in one pencil!

Comes in 5 colors..

Can you guess which color am I using? ;)

If you would like to win this 5 eyebrow pencils worth $119.50, please head to my instagram and see how you could win!
 Its easy and u might just be the lucky one!:)

Monday, September 14, 2015

We are ending the third quarter of the year, which means it's Halloween soon!
Halloween colour resembles autumn color isn't it? Warm tone to match the season so we need some outfit to celebrate autumn right?

My favourite brand from Zalora is something borrowed and their own house brand, Zalora!
They really have exquisite to basic yet chic kind of outfit and I have picked some of my favorites from the two brands!

What's more they are having a halloween sale!

Outfits that are so demure and I would definitely wear the first outfit for my dinner date!

The price range are from $20-40 for each item! Very affordable and they have sale or promotions every now and then! Don't miss out their promo codes because it will be worth while! 
Sometimes I will have difficulty finding perfect matching outfit from online stores but I don't have to worry when I'm shopping on Zalora because they have many brands and designs that I'm so spoilt for choices! 
From head to toe there are thousands of designs and I really love the range of items they carry in store! 
Even Nike, onikasuka tiger shoes are available in Zalora.

Don't forget they are having Halloween sale and let's join the crowd!
Can't wait to start shopping for the new season! 


Monday, June 8, 2015
LINE @ 313 Somerset

LINE pop-up store is coming to Somerset313, and if you are a big fan of LINE like me, do take note that they will be around from 8Jun-5july.

Details as below:

Level 1, Atrium 
Meet the lovable Cony and Brown mascots 
12 & 19 Jun, Fri : 7pm
13 & 20 June, Sat : 3pm & 7pm
14 & 21 Jun, Sun : 3pm & 5pm

Cheers with the Stars
13 & 20 Jun, Sat : 5pm, L1 Atrium
Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and Kimberly Chia will join Cony and Brown to spend an afternoon of games and fun.

8 Jun – 5 Jul, L1 Atrium 
Pose and snap your best shot at our LINE FRIENDS Summer Walk of Fame, and stand to win $100* 313 shopping vouchers and LINE premiums*. Simply post your pic on Instagram with hashtag #313BFF.

Remember to add 313@Somerset on LINE! 

If you would like to win these plush toys from LINE, all you need to do is head down to 313 take photos with cony & brown mascots during the dates, tag me on instagram and you will get a chance to win them! 
Good luck:)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finally some time to relax myself before I go crazy over my exams and work. (Which my papers ended today!) Hehe

Nails done at The Professionails at Midpoint Orchard.
Well, if you are unsure where Midpoint Orchard is, it is opposite 313. Beside courts! I dont know where it is too...until I googled it. Haha

Went on a weekday afternoon and I super duper love weekdays!! I hate weekend crowd.
Was attended by one of their girls and I did gelish for both my hands and toenails.

It's been long since I did a foot scrub and I am really enjoying every bit of it.
Sooo many deadskins to get rid off. 

I'm quite a manicure person and I do nails quite often! I love simple designs (which my work allows)
I've never had a job that allows complicated nail design:(

Loving how demure and sweet it looks. :)
Hey that suits me perfectly hahaha

If you would like to make an appointment with them, go over to their website at www.theprofessionails.sg
Book under my name and get 10% off all their services!!

Hope u girls like their princessy services. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Just did my hair treatment today and am typing this in a bus. I love long bus ride as it gives me all the time i want to ponder my thoughts. 
Did their scalp detox treatment again, and thats the only treatment that I love! It makes my scalp less oily which means less hairfall. :-) 

Havent been visiting Vintage Studio for more than two months and I finally have time to pamper myself today! Off day are so precious. 

My stylist deserves a photo here cuz he's really good! 

Remember to quote my name at Bedok Point's outlet to enjoy 20% off! :)

Hello! Back from my busy week as I'm working and studying at the same time. Exams are around the corner but I dont feel the stress at all. Hmm 
Too excited for my upcoming holidays!

Belated bday celebration for hui bing last week. Time flies....
We went PS cafe at Palais for dinner and the best food we had was the truffle fries! 
It's always hard to have a full attendance although there's four of us. We'll definitely make time for each other on special occasions!! :)

Love you girls,

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